Caleb Nott Make Me Feel ft. Jarryd James

Caleb Nott Make Me Feel ft. Jarryd James

Fizzy Milk

When you're fully committed to making music, day in and day out, it's what you do. Although New Zealander Caleb Nott made his way to Los Angeles alongside his sister Georgia (in their acclaimed duo Broods), the siblings sleek, minimal synth-pop hits only express one side of his creativity and character as a songwriter and a producer. 


Enter Fizzy Milk, his new passion project.  


The first fruit of his labour Make Me Feel, features celebrated Australian soul/RnB vocalist Jarryd James.


After meeting 4 years ago when Jarryd opened up for Broods on an Australian tour, the pair founded an easy-going friendship that can clearly be heard through the sludgy, psychedelic, soul feeling vibes on Make Me Feel. 


Anchored by the nuanced sampling, electronic production, and live instrumentation skills he's honed in Broods - along with producing for emerging pop artists like Troye Sivan and Grace, and remixing tracks for the likes of Charli XCX and Elliphant - Caleb is using Fizzy Milk as an opportunity to flip the script. Drawing influence from the sample-based big beat sound of the late 90s (Moby, The Chemical Brothers, etc.) and the kaleidoscopic funk rock and virtual reality pop of N.E.R.D and Gorillaz, it's an outlet for him to explore, express, and expand upon his inner musical visions.


Since he started working towards Fizzy Milk several months ago, Caleb has been bashing out blunted beat loops and shimmering song sketches, while working up some very dreamy ideas.


"These songs are just little slivers of myself, the stuff I do every day in the studio that no one normally hears" he says "It's the same with the artwork. I'm just doing the stuff I've always thought about, but haven't had an outlet for. I'm just going to drop songs when I feel like it, and maybe work towards a record in the future."

With the palm trees and coastal sunsets of California as his backdrop, he's taking us into his unknown. Pull up poolside with us, relax on a floater, and enjoy the views and sounds.