Brady the Wedge-Tailed Eagle

Brady the Wedge-Tailed Eagle

Brady the Wedge-Tailed Eagle

This amazing patient came into the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital yesterday, his name is Brady, a huge and very handsome adult wedge-tailed eagle.


Brady was found caught in a feral animal trap on a private property in Gympie.  The trap had caught him around the ankles (or hocks). The owner was immediately concerned for his well being and called the Australia Zoo Rescue Unit for help.


Brady was alert on arrival but his hocks (legs) were noticeably red-raw in appearance. Dr Claude anesthetised him so she could safely clean and treat his wounds with saline before he was administered with pain relief medication, fluids and antibiotics to aid recovery. Fortunately an x-ray showed no fractures!


Brady is approximately 3 years old and weighs 3.5 kilos. Although he is an impressive size, the males are actually the smaller of the species. He will remain at the wildlife hospital for a few more days under close observation for infection. Once his wounds heal, the Rescue Unit will transport him back to Gympie for release.


The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and Rescue Unit rely solely on generous donations to Wildlife Warriors from the public and organisations to be able to continue their important work saving wildlife just like Brady. We humbly urge anyone in a position to donate to visit


Photo credit: Ben Beaden/Australia Zoo

Vet nurse is Jamie-Lynn Hevers