Booming: A life-changing philosophy for ageing well

Booming: A life-changing philosophy for ageing well

A Life-Changing Philosophy for Ageing Well

Ageing. It's an inevitable part of living and not always looked at in a favourable light. But what if we all had the ability to age well? And not only well but with gusto?

Positive ageing advocate, Marcus Riley is set to launch his book, Booming: A life-changing philosophy for ageing well on November 1. Booming is the result of Marcus' 20 years' experience in the ageing industry, he advocates that by embracing positivity, planning how you want to live the rest of your life and understanding the need for purpose, we can all age successfully.

An inspiring, achievable and essential guide for people of all ages, Booming is much more than a book – It's a life changing philosophy that will help you fulfil your potential to live well, at a time when it matters most.

"My book is the result of my many years involvement in the world of ageing and I believe, that when it comes to ageing, people have a choice. People can accept the negativity that abounds about getting older, concede that they will decline and wither on the vine. Or we can choose to seize the opportunity to revel in our extended later years with joy, passion and wisdom," said Riley. 'I hope that my book encourages people to do just that and engage in healthy ageing," he added.

Riley's novel sheds light on the challenges and delights (too many to mention!) of being an older person, and in doing so, helps provide a blueprint for successful ageing.

Here Riley shares his five top tips for successful ageing from his book, Booming:
#1 - Say yes
"Say yes - And say it more than you ever have before! Every time we do something new we grow, so not being afraid to fail and make the most of our everyday means we have to grasp opportunities when they come along," says Riley. "When presented with a choice we can choose for that to be positive or negative and taking that small positive change can make a big difference. So, say yes to that invitation for an outing, yes to someone lending you a hand and yes to your grandkids trying to teach you how to take a selfie!" he added.

#2 - Participate
"This is one of my favourite tips for successful ageing," says Riley. By getting involved in your community or with your family you are going to find fulfilment in those relationships. "It's no secret that most people rate moments of connection with people and shared enjoyment as their most important life experiences, so it's really important to be present and participate. Help out or volunteer, be part of doing things with and for others," said Riley.

#3 - Be proactive
Riley advocates that successful ageing is self-defined. "Positive people are proactive, not reactive so it's up to you to take charge," says Riley. "We can be proactive by understanding what threatens our successful ageing and take pre-emptive action. For example, knowing that relationships are important to our well-being means that we may need to take proactive steps to patch up a fraying friendship or family relationship," he says.

#4 - Dodge the negative
"Avoid the glass-half-empty folk," says Riley. "The decision not to be negative comes largely from within ourselves. Choose not to spent time with people who foster negativity - the grumpy, gossiping, critical people who, wittingly or unwittingly reduce us to their own miserable level. Negativity is contagious. Reject it and be positive," he says.

#5 - Pursue your passions
"With more time on your hands, you now have the opportunity to revel in passions of your choosing - Good books, films, music, art or gardening. Learn a new language or a musical instrument, or wrestle that cryptic crossword into submission. Prioritise time on the activities and people that are important to you. Spend your time doing the things you enjoy and with the people who help make you feel good," he added.

From an early age, Marcus Riley has always had a passion for older people and an interest in aged services. Riley studied business management and has worked in the aged-care industry for the past two decades, providing leadership and influence on local, national and global levels.

Riley is the immediate past chair and current Director of the Global Ageing Network and a member of the Steering Committee for the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People (GAROP). He is also the Focal Point for the Stakeholder Group on Ageing (an agency of the United Nations) for the Asia-Pacific region.

Riley is Chief Executive Officer of BallyCara, a charitable organisation and public benevolent institution which provides accommodation, health, and care services for older people as well as a range of support and advisory functions to service-based industries.

Booming: A Life-Changing Philosophy for Ageing Well
Author: Marcus Riley
RRP: $32.99

Interview with Marcus Riley

Question: What originally inspired your interesting in the ageing industry and being a positive ageing advocate?

Marcus Riley: My original inspiration was the relationship I was fortunate to have with my four grandparents whilst growing up. I then began working in the ageing industry at age 17 and benefited from the wisdom, humour and support of older people as my career developed. I observed and learnt from people who I could see were booming and how they approached their lives.

Question: What message do you hope readers take from Booming?

Marcus Riley: That successful ageing, or booming, is self-defined and therefore possible for all people – and irrespective of our age, health or social circumstances we all have passions to be pursued, potential to be realised and happiness to be attained.

Question: What can we begin doing today to embrace ageing, positively?

Marcus Riley: Spend 30 minutes thinking about your FUTURE, identifying an experience or adventure you would like to have and start making a plan to make it happen. Immediately this begins to give us a sense of purpose, excitement and more of a future-oriented mindset. A common failing of our ageing is ceasing to contemplate our future, which is something we should do no matter what age we may be.

Question: How does planning ensure we age successfully?

Marcus Riley: One of the greatest threats to ageing successfully is reduced control, the secret to avoiding loss of control is planning. Planning ensures we maximise our options as we progress through different phases of later life, enabling us to prioritise our time for the things that are important to us and our well-being such as our passions, relationships of importance, work, study, travel whatever it may be. Planning also helps communicate our intentions to others close to us so they in turn can support out booming.

Interview by Brooke Hunter

Booming: A Life-Changing Philosophy for Ageing Well
Author: Marcus Riley
RRP: $32.99