WotNot Naturally Nurturing Facial Wipes Review

WotNot Naturally Nurturing Facial Wipes Review

WOTNOT Naturally Nurturing Facial Wipes Review

WotNot facial wipes provide a just-moisturised feel whilst removing all makeup, without having to really scrub, including waterproof mascara. WotNot facial wipes do not have that unnecessary smell that most other makeup wipes have and are gentle enough to not irritate the eyes or soft spots.

WotNot states that their facial wipes are "as close to nature as a facial wipe can be" and I believe them, the wipes are velvety soft, perfect for sensitive skin and don't cause redness or stinging to the face.

The WotNot Naturally Nurturing Facial Wipes makeup wipes left my skin feeling soft and hydrated like a mosituriser would.

Even though the WotNot Naturally Nurturing Facial Wipes use Australian certified organic aloe vera and rosehip oil to soothe tired skin and Australian certified organic jojoba and almond oils to nourish and mositurise they don't have that cleaning product smell.

Using the Environmental Working Group's cosmetic safety guide WotNot naturals has developed a women's facial wipe that is free of any harsh toxins found in most other conventional wipes. It is the only wipe completely enriched with all-natural ingredients and 100% biodegradable and compostable.

The facial wipes contain no synthetic chemicals, no artificial fragrances, no preservatives, and no alcohol and are not beached with chlorine, instead they use all natural and non-irritating ingredients and are biodegradable.

The best thing about the WotNot wipes range is even after using all 25 the pack still seals perfectly, ensuring that the facial wipes will never dry out.

The philosophy of WotNot Naturals is to provide products that are completely safe and natural and to eliminate the use of any chemicals that could be linked to health problems. After thorough research into women' facial wipes it has avoided the use of toxic chemicals including Propylparaben which provides skin irritation even with a 2% concentration and Meththylaparaben which is linked to most other facial wipes and is linked to organ toxicity.

WotNot focuses on natural family and baby care, they care for WOT's good for you and your family and keep out what's NOT good for the environment. That's WOTNOT.

Directions: gently wipe over face, eyelids and neck. Reseal pack carefully after use and store out of direct sunlight to prevent drying out. If stored in vanity case ensure lid is properly secured.

WotNot.com.au has a range of facial wipes, 30+ SPF sunscreen, travel wipes, baby lotion, baby wipes, nappy bags and baby wash.

The premium pack of 25 naturally nurturing facial wipes are $11.95 RRP found in pharmacies, organic and health food stores nationally. For more information on WOTNOT products or to order online visit www.wotnot.com.au

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