Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Blue Moon

'Cat kneads and treads, weaving a dream mat. All cats make them … to sleep on and to dream.'

Each blue moon, cats come together in a fabulous dream that lasts until dawn.

Follow Cat's adventures in the fantastical garden and see if you can spot the famous cats, fishbone ferns, the pussy willows and tiger lilies. And could that be a meerkat tangled up with Cat's dreams?

Tricia Oktober is a multi-award winning author and illustrator. She lives in the Blue Mountains with her many pets and surrounded by her beautiful garden.

Blue Moon
Ford Street Publishing
Author: Tricia Oktober
ISBN: 9781925000870
RRP: $24.95

Interview with Tricia Oktober

Question: What inspired the story of Blue Moon?

Tricia Oktober: While watching a friend's cat sleep we wondered what it might be dreaming. I started toying with this idea and it grew from there as a joke about cats and what they might get up to. I sketched a few drawings and realised I might have a good book if I followed it through.

Question: What advice do you have for aspiring writers or illustrators?

Tricia Oktober: Keeping a sketchbook is always useful. Sometimes it is easy to come up with ideas but the important thing is to follow them through to the end. It may take many drafts to get from the initial idea to a something you can submit to publishers. Don't be disheartened by rejection. Just remember, many award winning books have been rejected many times.

Question: What's next for you?

Tricia Oktober: I have a lot of things on the boil. My beautiful garden keeps me busy as well as the botanical illustration I do. I have an exhibition coming up and that is my main priority at the moment, however there is always another picture book brewing.

Question: The best thing about books is . . .

Tricia Oktober: The best thing about books is that they don't run out of batteries! I have a lifelong love of books which began before I could even read the words. Picture books are a great way to introduce young children to the joys of books. Having a book read to you at bedtime is often one of the fondest memories we have, and the same beloved books can be passed through generations.

Interview by Brooke Hunter