Black Cherry Jim Beam Spirit

Black Cherry Jim Beam Spirit

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For those with a curious appetite

Beam Australia Pty Ltd (Beam), Australia's No.1 spirit brand, is proud to introduce Black Cherry by Jim Beam, the new, natural cherry infused bourbon that has taken the US by storm.

Beam's first flavour variant offering, Black Cherry, is an innovative product set to entice new drinkers into the dark spirit category. Launched last year in the US, data shows the product delivered both new drinkers and increased consumption by current drinkers, helping grow the total whiskey category, while 63% of sales were incremental to Jim Beam White (Source: Dunhunmby US Research 2011).

Featuring red and black detailing and the tagline, "For those with a curious appetite," Black Cherry by Jim Beam offers consumers a product that is subtly sweet with the genuine bourbon warmth. An extremely versatile base for mixed drinks and cocktails, Black Cherry by Jim Beam will appeal to consumers who find the flavour of bourbon a challenge, but buy into the fun and social nature of the Jim Beam brand.

Ray Noble, Brand Director - Bourbon, is thrilled to announce the addition of Black Cherry to the Australian market. "Launching Black Cherry, our first Jim Beam flavour variant, is very exciting. Black Cherry by Jim Beam will appeal to women, especially those who are adventurous and keen to try new things, as well as our traditional male bourbon drinkers. It's great we have extended the Jim Beam portfolio and can offer a versatile product that will entice new drinkers into the dark spirit category," said Noble.

Black Cherry by Jim Beam is made with 4 year old Jim Beam Bourbon infused with natural black cherry flavours - selected for its ability to complement and highlight Jim Beam's great taste. The black cherry flavour is carefully and slowly infused using a unique, artisanal process for a sophisticated, well-rounded taste that is true to the craftsmanship and heritage of Jim Beam bourbon.

A national campaign, including strong in-store presence, consumer tastings, word-of-mouth program and above-the-line activity, will be aimed at consumers looking to try something new.

Beam will also be promoting the launch of Black Cherry by Jim Beam through their Facebook page:
Black Cherry by Jim Beam can be found at all good liquor stores for RRP $39.99.

Review: Black Cherry Jim Beam is unlike anything I've tasted before, the deliciously versatile natural cherry infused spirit tastes like jam donuts but still smells similar to Jim Beam bourbon. I tried Black Cherry Jim Beam with different mixers including lemonade, cranberry and apple juice - all of which were refreshingly scrumptious and served best with ice.