Billions Season 1 DVD

Billions Season 1 DVD

Billions Season 1 DVD

Cast: Damian Lewis, Paul Giamatti, Kelly AuCoin, Maggie Siff, Malin Akerman

Director: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck
Producers: Mike Harrop, Perri Kipperman
Writers: Brian Koppelman, David Levien 
Genre: Drama
Rating: MA 15+ Strong sex and coarse language

Duration: 10 hrs and 59 mins

Emmy® and Golden Globe® winners Paul Giamatti (Straight Outta Compton, San Andreas) and Damian Lewis (Homeland, Our Kind of Traitor) come together in this complex drama about power politics in the world of New York finance. In this high stakes world of strategy and betrayal, it's all about winning as two powerful New York figures go head to head in Billions Season 1, available to own on Blu-ray™ and DVD from November 16, 2016.

Shrewd, savvy U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades (Giamatti) and the brilliant, ambitious hedge fund king Bobby 'Axe" Axelrod (Lewis) are on an explosive collision course in this cat-and-mouse-game with each using all of his considerable smarts, power and influence to out manoeuvre the other. The stakes are in the billions in this timely, provocative series that proves it doesn't matter if you look foolish short-term so long as it means you're winning long-term.

Billions is a 21st-century examination of profit and peril chasing in the American dream. Under its lurid surface are smartly paced and frank storylines about the disconcerting fantasies it provokes; we're given a chance to see how the one per cent lives. The duelling leads Giamatti and Lewis show off their real acting creds, effortlessly becoming these power hungry, narcissistic alphas who are willing to stop at nothing to fuel their own ambitions, of particular relevance to the new era of American politics.

Become embroiled in the scandal of Wall Street back-to-back and uninterrupted in Billions Season 1, available to own on Blu-ray™ and DVD from November 16, 2016.


Blu-ray™ and DVD Bonus Features:
Special features: street slang
Character profiles: Axe, Chuck, Wendy and Lara
Location: New York, character development, shadows and light


Billions Season 1