Ben Panucci Come Over

Ben Panucci Come Over

A Solo Endeavour and New Single

Sought after Sydney based guitarist and producer Ben Panucci is no stranger to the Australian music landscape, with releases in both the contemporary jazz and neo-soul worlds. Now taking centre stage as a solo artist, Ben Panucci is embarking on a new creative endeavour with his debut single Come Over due for release independently Friday 20 April and is excited to announce some upcoming full band shows in Sydney and Melbourne.
The first taste from his forthcoming self-produced album, Ben enlisted longtime friends and collaborators Brain Campeau, Andrew Bruce, and Nicholas Meredith to help bring his most personal project to date; Age of Consequence to fruition. Recorded at Turning Studios and Pooch Sounds Studios in Sydney, then handed over to Kevin Kerr to add the finishing touches on mixing duties.

Come Over is both whimsical and uplifting in its production as it is in its lyrical content. With an absolute hook of a synth bass line unfolding over lush synths and languid guitar, Ben's vocals talk about the excitement of meeting a lover and the positive effects that this can entail. The song is as dreamy as it is cheeky with the chorus' lyrics a rebuttal to the phrase -The pleasure is all mine' – one that lacks inclusiveness, something that has no place in the world. Here, we get the message that in this scenario, it is important for the pleasure to be shared.


Ben started playing music as soon as he was old enough to sit at a piano. He studied classical piano until the age of 12 until his mum introduced Jimi Hendrix via a VHS and purchased his first guitar. Ben was obsessed and immediately began paving his musical path at the mere age of 15 when he went off to study music at Wollongong Conservatorium of Music. Here Ben was given his first taste of international touring when he was asked to replace his guitar teaching for a Jazz Big Band tour throughout Japan and China. From there Ben went on to study at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, graduating with first class honours.
Fast forward to 2018, Ben has now released a critically acclaimed Jazz record, written and released a self-titled album with neo-soul outfit New Venusians which was released internationally via U.S based label Fresh Selects. Still firmly embedded in the Jazz World as one of the founding members of The Cope Street Parade, Ben has just returned from a successful month-long tour of Italy.
As a session musician and collaborator, Ben has worked and toured with some of Australia's most established and emerging artists including Ngaiire, Tuka, Paul Mac, and PON CHO amongst others. Now we finally see Ben step out on his own, with music that encompasses a broad spectrum of his skills and experience to create a sound that is uniquely his.