Behind My Face

Behind My Face

Behind My Face

In times of personal hardships and struggles, it's easy to turn to vices or blame others for your woes. One author suggests seeking solace elsewhere: within yourself.

As a teenager, Kristine Fredheim's father committed suicide. She then had to deal with an alcoholic mother, a family falling apart and her own heartbreak.

Seeking comfort, Fredheim found how strong she was by relying on her own perseverance. By learning that the power of life comes from the heart, she was able to go from having nothing - no love, friends or money - to having everything: love, a family of her own and happiness.

Fredheim's new memoir Behind My Face documents her journey through death, alcoholism, heartbreak, love, marriage and childbirth, all leading to her finding success, wealth and joy from within.

"I want to inspire people," Fredheim said. "I want to tell people that it doesn't matter where you came from or what happened to you - you can still have an amazing life. But you have to want it and turn it around yourself."

An honest and inspiring story, Behind My Face exemplifies how strength and self-love truly prevail through perseverance.

Born and raised in Stavanger, Norway, Kristine Fredheim is now a wife, a mother to two young boys and a writer. She began penning short stories at age nine and wrote her first song at age 12. Inspiration for her memoir came from her fathers' suicide, and it wasn't until after he was gone that she decided to write about her life. Behind My Face is her first book.

Behind My Face
Author: Kristine Fredheim
ISBN: 9781456777845
Price: $29.66

Interview with Kristine Fredheim

Question: Why did you decide to write Behind My Face?

Kristine Fredheim: I decided to write Behind My Face because I knew I wanted to share my story with other people who had been through similar things like I have: losing a loved one, dealing with grief and building yourself up again while still in my teens. I thought if I shared my story people would feel less alone about their own struggles.

Question: Was it difficult reliving your teenage years?

Kristine Fredheim: It was really hard to write about my teenager years but also rewarding because it showed how far I've come. I have learned more about myself too by going back and talking about it. Life gives you a perspective when time moves you forward.

Question: What has your hardship taught you and why did you decide to share that with others?

Kristine Fredheim: So far I've learned to be very grateful and I live in the moment. I don't worry too much or think about yesterday or tomorrow, I'm just being alive right now. Going through death in the family has made me very spiritual and open about the fact that there is more to it after death. And it was and still is important to me that people know: no matter where you came from or what happened to you, your life can still be amazing, if you choose to make it so.

Question: What do you hope readers take from Behind My Face?

Kristine Fredheim: I hope readers will be inspired and learn that nobody can take your happiness away from you and whatever happens around you, it's for a reason. Most likely a lesson that will make you stronger and teach other about it.

Question: Explain the title, Behind My Face?

Kristine Fredheim: The title has been with me since I was 15 years old. At first I wanted to make a record and have my album named Behind My Face but since I choose another career path the title was still really strong in my mind. It's about hidden feelings and that everything might just look fine on the surface but there's more to it behind the facade. I often used to hide my feelings and lie about how I was feeling so that's why it's called Behind My Face.