Awaydays DVD

Awaydays DVD

Cast: Nicky Bell, Liam Boyle, Stephen Graham
Director: Pat Holden
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 105 minutes

Paul Carty (Nicky Bell) is 19, good-looking, funny, clever - and bored out of his mind. Elvis (Liam Boyle) is a member of The Pack - a gang of androgynous football hooligans that dress at odds to the boneheads and bootboys that they fight against.

When Carty meets Elvis (Liam Boyle) at a Bunnymen gig, his world is changed as both boys fall quickly into a volatile friendship that each of them wants, but neither one can control.

Violent, sexy and funny, Awaydays is a sharp rites of passage film that buzzes with the post-punk energy of its late '70s Liverpool setting. Based on the classic novel by Kevin Sampson, and pulsating to an amazing soundtrack featuring The Cure, Joy Division, Magazine, Echo & The Bunnymen and Ultravox, Awaydays examines identity, fate, and the need to belong.

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