Avery Verse Partner with Matt Damon

Avery Verse Partner with Matt Damon

Avery Verse Partner with Matt Damon

Luxury and social conscience are two words rarely used in the same sentence. Designer brands are not famed for their environmental policies or philanthropic choices. Not so with Australian luxury label Avery Verse. Avery Verse create high end designer bags, exquisitely crafted but with a heart. A brand that are proud supporters for social change and respect for the environment.


Design duo and husband and wife team Taylor and Christie Cook dreamed of creating a high-end designer handbag collection,but wanted to do it differently. Carving their own path, these strong advocates for social change believed that you can make a difference, without compromising on elegance, quality and craftsmanship.   


As a result of this passion, Avery Verse have signed a charity partnership with Water.org, with 10% of the profits from every Avery Verse bag sold going directly to the charity.  Founded by actor and celebrity Matt Damon and CEO Gary White, Water.org strives to break the cycle of poverty and to protect and save lives. They have transformed over 5 million lives around the world by providing access to safe water and sanitation. Something most of us take for granted. 663 million people worldwide don't have access to safe water. 2.4 billion people lack access to basic sanitation.


As well as social change and charity partnerships, Avery Verse are striving to make the fashion industry more accountable for the environment.  Avery Verse only vegetable tan their leathers, rather than the most popular and controversial method of chrome-tanning.  Chrome tanning is used in 85% of global leather production, using acids, chromium sulphates and other chemicals including arsenic. The process produces harmful, carcinogenic and environmentally damaging emissions during manufacturing. The vegetable tanned leathers used by Avery Verse are without a doubt the safest and most environmentally friendly means of leather available. Chrome tanning is more cost effective and takes less time than vegetable tanning, but what is the true cost?


Socially aware without compromising on style and elegance, Avery Verse bags are the epitome of luxury. In an antithesis to today's throw-away society, Avery Verse bags are made to last a lifetime. It takes an Avery Verse master craftsman twenty-four hours of meticulous skill to cut and stitch each bag by hand. The end result is a piece of art that will be treasured and passed down for generations. As the bags age over time, the leather gets softer, suppler, but like the rich colours, the love for these bags will never fade.


The Avery Verse collection's feature handbags, tote's and over the shoulder bags. Proudly Australian, Avery Verse bags reflect the perfect balance of elegance, practicality and luxury. Prices range from $550 for the -Urban Stroll' shoulder bag, upwards to the -Industrial Tote' which is $660.  And with 10% of profits going to Water.org you know you are contributing to a better planet.  


For more information, to purchase, or for stockist details visit the website on www.averyverse.com