Australian Vintage Living Turn your house into a home

Australian Vintage Living Turn your house into a home

The joy of coming home to a relaxed loving environment is what we all yearn for....the entire family gathering around the kitchen table to discuss the days events as dinner is prepared. Bronnie Masefaus Australian Vintage Living is the foundation to creating the backdrop for such events. Its pages are full of inspiring images and practical advice on how you can turn your house into a home that is embraced by all.

Australian Vintage Living will inspire you to improve the way your home looks and functions. Great photography and clever tips are sprinkled throughout this little gem. Learn how to choose a theme for a room, how to make the most of markets and garage sales. Design childrens spaces that will grow with the children. Discover the joy of collecting and even get a great sultana cake recipe! So turn off your phone, grab a cuppa, curl up on your most comfy chair and enjoy Australian Vintage Living.

Some great tips include:

  • Make an absentee bid at an auction if you cant trust yourself to stick to your limit for a fabulous piece
  • Take small amounts of money to markets. If you have to go and get more money out, you will have time to think about whether you really want the item and how you will use it.
  • Choose furniture in kids rooms that will suit the rest of the house. As the kids grow and require more space you will be able to relocate the piece somewhere else.
  • Collect beautiful old double linen at the markets and have them made into quilt covers. Its much more interesting to have personalised linen than the latest fad.
  • A garage sale that has only been advertised by street signs is often a great way to pick up something fabulous without competing against hundreds of other bargain hunters.
  • Store pencils and art accessories in old cooking tins.
  • Old biscuit tins make gorgeous storage for small toys and look wonderful.
  • A row of hooks on a kids bedroom wall is a great place to hang school bags, library bags and hats.
    Use an old piece of skirting board and collect old hooks.
  • Kids masterpieces look great hung on a piece of string with painted old wooden pegs.
  • If your children have lots of toys but seem to play with the same five all the time, store some in garbage bags in your garage and rotate them every couple of months. They will love to rediscover them again.
  • Dedicate one area of your home as a toy-free zone. In this space the family, including kids, is welcome to read or talk, but not play. This will encourage communication between family members and respect for adult space. Make it comfortable with comfy lounges, large cushions and lots of blankets and throws.
  • Fresh flowers look fabulous in old china jugs.
  • Make your laundry a more beautiful place to be. Place your laundry powder in a gorgeous old bowl and use a china cup to scoop it out.

    Author Bronnie Masefau has been in the interior design industry for most of her life. Her family owned and ran a furniture manufacturing business and Bronnie headed the design department. Bronnie opened a design store, Sho Interiors, in Brisbane in 2001. Australian Vintage Living is her first book.

    Review: Truly inspirational images, that will bring out your creative gene.

    Brolga Publishing/Macmillian
    Author: Bronnie Masefau
    ISBN: 9781921221248
    RRP: $39.95
    Available at all good bookstores

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