Australian Brewery The Pilsner and The Pale Ale

Australian Brewery The Pilsner and The Pale Ale

Australian Brewery The Pilsner and The Pale Ale

Australian Brewery is launching The Pilsner and The Pale Ale, with the craft brewer taking a unique approach when it comes to both flavours and packaging.

The Head Brewer at Australian Brewery, Neal Cameron, has taken two of the best international beer styles and put a unique slant on them to make them distinctly Australian.

The Pilsner is inspired by the classic crisp and bitter pilsners of Germany. The Australian Brewery Pilsner takes the palest Australian malts and interweaves the bite and aroma of New World hops. Spicy New Zealand hops and citrus American hops generate an enticing aroma and a crisp, peppery bitterness that balances the rounded malt profile.

The Pale Ale is inspired by Australia's favourite flavours and is a characteristically cloudy beer with the distinctive aroma of Australian Galaxy hops. A perfect mix of flavour and drinkability. Admire this pale cloudy ale before immersing yourself in the rich aromas of citrus & passionfruit that only Galaxy hops can provide.

Neal Cameron commented that the decision to separate from the pack and can their new beers, ensured both quality and environmental benefits.

'It seems almost anti-intuitive to can a beer these days – until you look at the facts. There are three evils that kill beer flavours easily: light, heat and oxygen. Light breaks down the many delicate aromas and flavours in beer – serving the beer in a can means our customers are getting the exact same flavours as what we taste right here, fresh off the production line. Heat also increases the rate at which your beer will go stale – our cans, with their plastic coating, transmit heat at the same rate as glass bottles. Oxygen can cause dull and stale beer; cans are much easier to fill with beer while keeping oxygen levels extremely low – in fact, as low as 10 parts per billion or 0. 000000001%!"

Beer is a very delicate and easily spoiled product, and it's clear that cans beat glass on two out of three factors – clearly the superior choice.

Of course, there are also environmental benefits with the can weighing much less than a bottle, using 42% less packaging by weight as well as taking up 40% less volume once cased-up and ready to go to the customer. These positives add up to huge energy and resource savings, just by using a different packaging method that is also beneficial for the beer.

So cans are lighter, more recyclable, better for the beer, require less energy to transport, less space to store and don't break into lots of dangerous pieces when dropped. So why cans? The real question is why you'd ever use glass?

Review: The Australian Brewery Pilsner met my expectations of a Pilsner style beer, one that I could easily find myself drinking.
- David

The Pale Ale and The Pilsner can be found in Dan Murphy's stores nationally with these and other Australian Brewery beers available at all good independent bottle shops and restaurants. For further information visit or via Facebook.