Australia Zoo's Baby Rhino is on Display

Australia Zoo's Baby Rhino is on Display

Australia Zoo's Baby Rhino is on Display

In recent weeks, one of Australia Zoo's newest babies – Humphrey the white rhino calf – has joined the rest of the white rhino crash on our African savannah. Humphrey is settling into daily life extremely well, bonding happily with the rest of the rhino family and keeping everyone entertained with a few cheeky calf antics.

When Humphrey isn't following mum -Caballe' around, he is eagerly exploring his new home. The African savannah is full of adventures and activities for baby rhinos. Humphrey takes full advantage of the excitement and can often be seen playfully frolicking before cooling off in a mud bath. 

At just four months of age, Humphrey has packed on 200 kilograms since being born in October. Humphrey is continuing to grow into a strong young male and is already a great ambassador for his endangered cousins in the wild, whose numbers are continuously decreasing due to poaching and habitat destruction.

Australia Zoo's Head Keeper for -Africa', Manu Ludden, said that the whole Africa crew is excited that Humphrey has finally joined the rest of the crash.

'Humphrey's birth was a significant milestone in our global breeding program and efforts to highlight the plight of rhino populations under threat in the wild so it's a real pleasure to be a part of his growth," she said.

 'We're really happy with his progress as he continues to grow up a happy, active and quite social calf. We hope that guests enjoy seeing him play out on the savannah here at our African display," she added.

Guests can also meet Humphrey's dad -DJ' in a special southern white rhino encounter. All proceeds from encounters with our rhinos and other animals, goes directly back into helping wildlife conservation projects both here in Australia and around the world.

Australia Zoo's African savannah is the only multispecies exhibit in Queensland and the home of our amazing giraffes, rhinos and zebras.

Photo credit: Ben Beaden / Australia Zoo