Aussies Would Rather Go To Work Or Have Dinner With The In-Laws Than Clean The Toilet

Aussies Would Rather Go To Work Or Have Dinner With The In-Laws Than Clean The Toilet

Aussies Would Rather Go To Work Or Have Dinner With The In-Laws Than Clean The Toilet

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Aussies have high standards when it comes to cleanliness, with almost 3 in 5 (57%) admitting to judging friends on the state of their toilet. On top of this, 51% of Aussies would even opt to -hold on' if a friend's toilet is dirty, according to new research released today
from Europe's leading toilet care brand, Bref, as they launch in Australia.

As one of the most hated household chores, half the nation (51%) avoids the dreaded toilet clean, going so far as preferring to go to work (37%), have dinner with their in-laws (21%) or visit the dentist (19%) than get to work scrubbing the toilet. However as much as we
avoid it, toilet cleaning is a necessary evil, with Australians spending a begrudging 116.3 million hours a year cleaning the loo.

Research also revealed a generational shift when it comes to household chores with Australians now spending 40 hours less each year cleaning than previous generations. More than 3 in 5 (63%) acknowledge being less house-proud than their parents, of which 62% prioritise other things before housework.

This generational shift has been brought to life by comedian, singer and radio presenter Em Rusciano in a tongue in cheek film, -Tips for a Happy Home with Em Rusciano'. Partnering with Bref, Rusciano shows how savvy modern women fare in a conservative 1950's domestic world.

Although we spend less hours cleaning, we're crafty folk, tidying our house quickly to give the illusion of cleanliness. 88% of Australians employ quick tricks to keep their house looking as superficially clean as possible before guests arrive, including hiding their mess behind closed doors (53%) and making sure their toilet is spick and span (59%) - something Bref can easily help them with.

Giving Aussies in-between toilet care, Bref is the easier way to keep a clean and fresh toilet, combining hygienic foam, stain removal, dirt protection and extra freshness with every flush.

Ashlee Kilov, Bref ANZ Brand Manager says: 'Bref alleviates toilet cleaning time and makes the life of the busy, modern day Aussie easier, giving them more time to spend enjoying life."

And what would we do with that extra time? Bref research reveals that if the average Australian had an extra hour saved from cleaning, they would opt for some down time, with 33% wanting to read a book and a quarter (27%) choosing to spend it having sex.


Learn Em Rusciano's cleaning hacks for the modern woman and save an extra hour from household chores!

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