Aussies Go One Million Days 'off the grog'

Aussies Go One Million Days -off the grog'

FebFast starts, Sunday 1st February, and this year marks the one-millionth alcohol free day for the national health charity.


Since 2007, FebFast has helped almost 50,000 people say -no' to alcohol during February and raised more than $7 million to help kids with serious drug and alcohol problems.


The campaign calls on Aussies to put themselves in the shoes of a young person with addiction and go without one of their unhealthy -vices' for 28 days.


National FebFast Director Josh Comer said reaching one million alcohol free days is no mean feat.


'It's a big achievement and one the nation can be very proud. So far this year we've had several thousand people sign up and we know our millionth alcohol free day will fall right in the middle of February.


'We will be celebrating, but obviously we're not planning on popping the champagne just yet," Josh Comer said.


Professor Rob Moodie, Professor of Public Health at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, said as nation we're up there with some of the highest drinking countries in the world.


'When you're out with your mates, it can be difficult to say no to a drink. FebFast is the perfect excuse to give your body a break and go off the grog," said Professor Moodie.


'New research out last week from VicHealth showed that almost half of the population are still drinking at -risky' levels.


'The fact that so many Aussies have hit pause on some of their unhealthy habits is really positive," he added.


This year organisers have added new fast options including, sugar, social media, junk food and smoking.


All funds raised from FebFast provide advice and support to kids and their families struggling with drugs and alcohol.


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