Aussie Disposals 'Fire Ready Kit'

Aussie Disposals 'Fire Ready Kit'

Prepare and Survive with Aussie Disposals 'Fire Ready Kit'

If Victorians have learnt anything after the last fire season, it is that being prepared for a bushfire could save your life. The intensity of tragedy faced after Black Saturday was a result of people being unprepared and unaware of how to protect themselves during the fire season. Aussie Disposals has just released a 'Fire Ready Kit' in stores and online to aid in preparing Victorians against this fire season.

Valued at nearly $300 the Fire Ready Kit will be on sale for $199.95 (32% off). The kit includes a wide range of fire protective gear including;
Wind-up radio
Wind-up solar torch
Riggers gloves
61 piece first aid kit
Disposable face mask
Wide Brim Canvas Hat
700ml polycarbonate bottle
Germ buster
Emergency blanket
Scout whistle
Fire extinguisher
Fire blanket
Aus club sports tote 70cm
Bushman aerosol 150 grm
Mozzie band
Wool blanket

Aussie Disposals were heavily involved in aiding devastated areas last fire season, giving away thousands of dollars worth of products to get Victorians back on their feet. From this experience they have acquired extensive knowledge into how to be fully prepared in the fire season, which has been collaborated to create this kit. Using the highest quality products, this unique kit could save your life in the upcoming fire season, just by being prepared.