ATA Demands Transparency For Government Spending

ATA Demands Transparency For Government Spending

The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance, the nations' largest grassroots advocacy group representing taxpayers, has applauded the work of Senator James McGrath and seconded his call for greater government transparency especially when it comes to spending tax dollars.

"The Australian people deserve to know exactly how their money is spent," said ATA Policy Director, Emilie Dye. "When we don't know how our money is being spent it is hard to hold politicians accountable."

"It seems like every month a new politician is embroiled in controversy for having misused taxpayer dollars on expensive trips or to prop up their political campaigns. Ralph the Rorter takes the fall and the rest of our pollies sigh in relief and continue business as usual.

Australia needs a zero tolerance policy for corruption, but as the system works now most know they can get away with fudging the books in their favour. Instead, anyone should be able use google to find exactly how every department and every politician spends their money.

"Australians should not have to spend money on freedom of information reports. This opaque bureaucratic system was made by the politicians for the politicians.

"Journalists, think-tanks, and advocacy groups provide an important check on government, but they can't do their job if pollies hide behind poorly designed government websites and bureaucratic rules.

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash


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