A Cheeky New Video

A Cheeky New Video

The Bachelor's first Australian couple Tim and Anna Robards tied the knot last month in picturesque Puglia in southern Italy and have now released a romantic video just as they return from their honeymoon

In this cheeky new video for natural and organic Australian skincare brand Blessed By Nature, Anna goes 'between the sheets' in a sun-drenched bedroom.

Anna's new husband Tim Robards hatched the creative concept and directed his new wife Anna who is no stranger to being in front of the camera.

The video is one of three in a new social media content series for natural and organic skincare brand Blessed By Nature of which Anna is the ambassador. Tim is the ambassador for mens' skincare brand Handsome. The video has just gone live on @bbnskincareaus  

Written/Directed #RobardsProductions @charlesgrantcreative @julian_tuna


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