Animals Rock 'On The Farm' CD

Animals Rock 'On The Farm' CD

Animals Rock -On The Farm' CD

Animals Rock bring you 'On The Farm", an album where children and adults alike embark on a journey of wonder, learning and music they'll both have fun with.

The Byron Bay based band, fronted by founder Beau Young (Singer, songwriter, musician and two-time world champion surfer) along with television presenter Shelley Craft, opens kids' eyes and ears up to the big wide world of animals.

In this album, Beau Young has set out to create authentic folk rock for preschoolers with an educational undertone and enough sophistication to keep the adults entertained. And with friends like Jack Johnson providing input along the Animals Rock journey, this album is sure to do just that.

ANIMALS ROCK would not be rocking without the talents of its band members. On lead guitar and vocals is cool cat, Leonius Funk, super stylin', soulful back up singer Ginger the giraffe, keeping the beat is Gordo, the drum playing, banana-smoothie loving gorilla, and Lila, the fairy loving, flower-child-vibing, happy bass-playing horse.

'On The Farm" album features 12 animal themed songs – highlights include The Happy Horse, Green tree Frog and Bull Stomp.

1. Animals Rock
2. Green Tree Frog
3. Moo Moo Cows
4. The Bull Stomp
5. The Happy Horse
6. The Goose Step
7. A Sheep's Daydream
8. Billy Goat Socks
9. The Little Brown Donkey
10. Pink Pig In Mud
11. Animals Rock (reprise)
12. A Lion's Roar (preview track)

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