Aja Blush Wine designed to compliment Asian food

Aja Blush Wine designed to compliment Asian food

Aja (pronounced 'Asia'), a wine blend that has been designed to perfectly match Asian cuisine, has launched Aja Blush as a follow on to the highly successful Aja White.

Just in time for the "hot and spicy" Aussie Summer and Christmas months, the wine is already proving to be a hit with many iconic Asian restaurants such as Longrain, Rambutan, Zaaffran and Blue Ginger, who offer Aja on their wine list.

Aja Blush, which was created next for anyone who prefers red to white, is a lower alcohol, lightly sparkling Moscato blush wine that's deliciously refreshing with just a hint of sweetness. Aja Blush, like Aja, is all about choosing the best wine to complement Asian food.

Aja's creators, Mark Silcocks and David Mulham say, "A lot of men are happy to drink beer with Asian food, but many women prefer wine and find it challenging to know which one to order.

"Sauvignon Blanc is Australia's top selling white varietal, but it doesn't go particularly well with Asian food. The high acid levels in many Sav Blancs can clash with some of the spicier dishes, resulting in an unpleasant, astringent aftertaste.

"We researched the idea of a wine specially blended to go with Asian food, particularly amongst females and they all agreed it was a great idea. Choosing wine when they were eating in or dining out at an Asian restaurant would be so much easier if they just picked Aja."

Business partners David Mulham and Mark Silcocks created the idea for the blend from a shared passion for good wine and delicious Asian food, "We realised that there was a true sense of confusion about which wine to choose when either dining out at a favourite Thai or Japanese restaurant, or staying in with some Indian home delivery."

The fact that lighter red wines tend to be a better match for Asian food than heavier reds, whose tannins can leave a metallic tanginess when combined with overtly spicy food, and the recent rebirth of rosé, gave rise to the idea of Aja Blush.

With a vibrant pink colour and lifted aromas of sweet roses, musk and Turkish delight on the nose, Aja Blush is a refreshingly sweet, lightly sparkling Moscato, with explosions of sweet musk and raspberries. The sweetness of the wine is balanced by the natural acidity and carbonation and once again this unique combination provides a delicious counterbalance to hotter spices, whilst being light enough to complement more delicate Asian ingredients and refreshing enough to taste great across a wide variety of shared dishes.

Aja and Aja Blush Recommended Retail Price is $20, and both are available in select restaurants and wine retailers such as Five Way Cellars and Balmain Village Cellars servicing recognised BYO Asian restaurants.

Review: I really enjoyed the fruit spicy flavour, different to what I'm used to but really complimented Asian Food. Definitely suits warmer weather climates and spicy food.

For further information about Aja Wines and a stockist list, visit www.ajawines.com.au