Ahadizz Sexual Chocolate

Ahadizz Sexual Chocolate

After releasing a full-length album titled 'Man in the Moon', filled with 15 tracks, in the month of March last year. Perth-based rapper Ahadizz is making moves this year with a music video for his track 'Sexual Chocolate', which is now available on Youtube!

The music video for 'Sexual Chocolate' is the brainchild of Ahadizz himself, handling every aspect of the music video from the directing, editing, producing and all the way to acting as the talent on screen. The video is a perfect compliment to the spacey track, showcasing a wide array of scenes glittered with neon lights and a manifestation of the brandish lyrics the artist uses.

"It doesn't have to be perfect just good enough" - Ahadizz

Hallmarks in Hip-hop the likes of Meek Mill and Drake have inspired the sound Ahadizz's brings about in his music, delivering his rhymes through slow and smooth flows on a wide array of instrumentals. His diction can be compared to artists such Aj Tracey, Skepta, and Tupac Shakur showing his influences from the UK drill scene which is prevalent in today's Australian music scene.

Taking a hands-on approach to his music has allowed Ahadizz to be involved in every aspect of his release from the production, writing, promotion, mixing and mastering of each track, which has garnered him a number of achievements under his wing. Receiving nods from publications such as Female.com.au and Raucous Youths, giving him praises for the diversity this artist is able to show.

2021 has just started for Ahadizz, coming in strong with a music video to start the year off, to be followed by another release in February and to top it all of another music video in March. Make sure to catch all his releases by following his socials.