Adult Beginners DVD

Adult Beginners DVD

Adult Beginners DVD

Cast: Rose Byrne, Nick Kroll, Bobby Cannavale, Joel McHale, Caleb and Matt hew Paddock, Paula Garces, Caitlin Fitzgerald
Director: Ross Katz
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Rated: MA15+
Running Time: 92 minutes

Nick Kroll (Get Him to the Greek, I Love You, Man), Rose Byrne (Bad Neighbors, This Is Where I Leave You) and Bobby Cannavale (Chef, Nurse Jackie) star in the critically acclaimed comedy Adult Beginners. A hilarious drama about a self-absorbed, New York City businessman turned nanny.

Jake (Kroll) is a young, narcissisti c entrepreneur with a failed career aft er he crashed and burned on the eve of his company's big launch. Left with no money, no girlfriend and plenty of enemies, Jake leaves Manhatt an behind to live with his estranged pregnant sister Justine (Byrne), brother-in-law Danny (Cannavale) and 3-year-old nephew Teddy (Caleb & Matt hew Paddock, The Five-Year Engagement, Sleep, Wake, Forget).

Reluctant to let her brother stay with her family for free, Justi ne decides to make Jake the new nanny, or -manny', for Teddy. Faced with real responsibility, Jake fi nds that he may fi nally have to grow up " but not without some bad behavior first.

Directed by the Academy-Award® nominated Ross Katz (Taking Chance, Lost in Translati on), this heartwarming comedy celebrates family, resilience, identity and never being too old to try something new.

Adult Beginners
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