Aaron Chalmers Geordie Shore: New Radgie Rampage Interview

Aaron Chalmers Geordie Shore: New Radgie Rampage Interview

Aaron Chalmers Geordie Shore: New Radgie Rampage Interview

The Geordies we all know and love are back, but this time eight NEW -workers' join them for Geordie Shore: New Radgie Rampage. Premiering on Wednesday 29 March at 9am and encoring at 9.30pm.


The eight cast from Geordie Shore are back - Gaz Beadle, Marnie Simpson, Sophie Kasaei, Chloe Ferry, Aaron Chalmers, Nathan Henry and Marty McKenna are all set for a supersized new series, and Scotty T will be joining in the fun, albeit fashionably late!


Joining them are eight new workers, Abbie Holborn, Billy Philips, Chelsea Barber, Elettra Lamborghini, Eve Shannon, Sam Bentham, Sarah Goodhart and Zahida Allen who are all raring to go and on a mission to prove they have what it takes to be the radgiest!


Not only is Anna back in full force with some -interesting' jobs up her sleeve, but eight new -workers' join our original favourites. Their goal?  To prove they are radge enough to stay on in the house. Only the radgiest will survive.


Party girl Abbie doesn't care what people think of her and reckons she's like any other girl her age. On a night out - Abbie will always be on the lookout for a guy to tash on with!


Even though he's a boxer, Billy, describes himself as -canny chilled' and he'll need to keep calm to stay in Anna's good books.


Chelsea works in a bar in Newcastle so should know all about getting mortal on nights out. According to Chelsea, she's a -reet messy drunk'. Sounds like a few other Geordies we know!


As the heiress to Lamborghini, life is fast and furious for Elettra and she's not about to slow down as she enters the Geordie Shore house. Elettra's favourite things are music and nightlife, so we are sure that she will fit right in.


Former Miss Sunderland contestant, Eve, has done a season in Ibiza and should know all there is to know about getting people mortal and bonding over a shot or two... so working for Anna should be easy!


Sam's friends describe him as the class clown but he reckons he's got brains and beauty and is obsessed with documentaries about animals. Will we see Sam's infamous -crab dance' again, or will any of the other girls catch his eye now Charlotte has left the party?


Sarah, who is Marty's ex and featured in Ex on the Beach, thinks she is one hundred percent genuine and relatable, but sometimes -a touch unstable'. We hope professional make-up artist, Sarah, has packed her waterproof mascara then.


And last but not least, our second Ex on the Beach alumni Zahida, isn't just a pretty face as she runs her own events and promotion business. Will she be giving Anna a run for her money?


In Series 13, the Geordies jetted off to the blue seas and skies of the Mediterranean. Things got mental as the gang hit up the biggest and best party islands in the world! It saw Aaron and Marnie's relationship explode which made him temporarily leave the series, and Holly bid farewell to the family.


In typical Geordie Shore style, drama seems to follow them wherever they go. Anna may have recruited the eight new workers in Newcastle but emotions run high as they head off to Tignes, with the rest of the family, to find out how radge the new workers really are. When they all head back in The Toon, who will step up their game and graft the hardest?  


Be sure to catch up with MTV's highest rating series, when the brand new season of Geordie Shore returns on Wednesday 29 March at 9am, encoring at 9.30pm, only on MTV.


Interview with Aaron Chalmers

Question: Do you have any room left for tattoos? If so, where?

Aaron Chalmers: I've only got my right leg to do, and then I'm fully covered. The reason I haven't done it is because I don't know what I want on my leg – I need to think of a theme but I don't know what I want so I'm not going to jump in and get it done because I obviously want it to be really good. I'll have to keep thinking.

Question: Why did you decide to go on Ex On The Beach; given the trouble and controversy with the show?

Aaron Chalmers: Ex On The Beach was something I'd never done and I thought -why not?' I spoke to Gaz (Gaz Beadle) and Scott (Scott Timlin) and they said 'it's a walk in the park". And it was quiet easy until your psychopath ex comes out; then it's a different stories, isn't it?

Question: Do you have any regrets from Ex On The Beach (Becca)?

Aaron Chalmers: Not one regret, I really enjoyed it. The only regret I do have is my ex-girlfriend turning up (laughs); I wish she wasn't but to be fair I don't regret anything, it was good.

Question: What's the strangest request you've had from a female fan?

Aaron Chalmers: If I wanted to have sex with them? So random!

Question: What do you like most about Australian ladies?

Aaron Chalmers: All Australian ladies are beautiful; there are a lot of beautiful girls in Australia. Everyone in Australia really seems to be into fitness and are really fit so I should come over here, more often.

Question: Why did you decide to return to Geordie Shore for Season 14?

Aaron Chalmers: Geordie Shore is what I love doing and I don't want to leave – I'm sure I'll leave at some point but I'm still enjoying it and my time in there; which is why I went back.

Question: Which was your favourite Geordie Shore destination and why?

Aaron Chalmers: It was my first ever series of Geordie Shore that we went to Iceland and that was amazing. I wasn't a part of the earlier Geordie Shore seasons where they went to Mexico and Australia; I'd have liked to do Geordie Shore Australia. Iceland was really good.

Question: Do you regret anything from any of the Geordie Shore filming?

Aaron Chalmers: Nah, with Geordie Shore you know what you're signing up for! Sometimes I get a little bit too drunk and can't speak but that's how it is. I don't regret anything, I've done.

Question: What's your fondest memory of Geordie Shore?

Aaron Chalmers: I couldn't narrow it down to one favourite memory because there have been so many good things that have happened on Geordie Shore. Everytime I'm in there, I'm making memories, I love being there and being around everyone and having such a laugh.

Question: If you had to create a signature cocktail - what ingredients would you use?

Aaron Chalmers: Spiced Rum, Malibu, Champagne, Pineapple juice and lemonade – I don't know why that mix has come into my head, but I'd give that a go!

Question: How do you feel when you watch yourself of the TV?

Aaron Chalmers: I don't watch it! I can't watch it, I cringe just listening to myself.

Question: What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?

Aaron Chalmers: Sex or food (laughs)


Interview by Brooke Hunter