A Year of Practiculture

A Year of Practiculture

A Year of Practiculture

You don't need to drink -good bacteria' drinks.
You don't need multi vitamins.
You don't need to eat food labelled, -low fat' -low sugar' -low salt'... instead eat food with no labels.
Humans have lived healthy lives without these modern products for centuries.
These pages are about eating real food. The stuff that I can grow in the soil. The stuff I can hunt and harvest from the fields and the bush.
This is my answer. It may not be the answer for you as I don't have all the answers.
This is simply my answer for me and my gang.

Rohan Anderson left his desk job in the city for the richer pleasures of living a simpler life on the land. Over the years he has developed his own principle of practical living. Practiculture is a lifestyle choice. It's about direct involvement in the day-to-day elements of living, and at the heart of it, the rewarding choice to grow, hunt and forage beautiful, healthy, sustainable food.

A Year of Practiculture features 100 of Rohan's simple, rustic, seasonal recipes, as well as his observations, victories and failures, and the realities of living a practical life surrendered to the bounty (and hardships) of the land through the seasons.

Rohan Anderson is a modern-day hunter-gatherer living just outside the historical town of Ballarat in regional Victoria. He spent much of his childhood on a small farm near Jindivick in regional Victoria where he developed not only an affinity for nature, but also a deep understanding of the role it plays in providing sustenance. He has taken these lessons into his adult life where he now grows, hunts, fishes, and forages in wild and urban surroundings – procuring food to feed his family.

Rohan documents his adventures on his hugely popular blog, Whole Larder Love. The blog is a collection of honest stories and experiences that follow Rohan's journey to remove himself from a hectic modern lifestyle centred around processed foods. He is an advocate of simple pracitical living within one's means. He uses a mixture of humour and poetic writing to tackle the deeper issues that our modern food system raises. A Year of Practiculture is his second book (Whole Larder Love was published by Penguin in 2012).

Describing himself not as a chef, but rather a family cook, Rohan is influenced by rustic, peasant-style cooking, with minimal fuss involved. You won't find him in supermarket aisles; instead he is usually wandering around his back garden, heading for a river, and traipsing through the bush or local paddocks to find his tucker.

A Year of Practiculture
Hardie Grant
Author: Rohan Anderson
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