A Shot of Brandi

A Shot of Brandi

A Shot of Brandi

Enjoy crime solving and forensic mysteries like CSI and The First 48? You'll want to pick up a copy of David S. Tanz's first thriller, A Shot of Brandi.

From kind-hearted hookers, detectives and drugs to explosive crime scenes, mobsters and a lost high-school sweetheart, Tanz's first stab at the genre is one of greed, power and the intricacies of life.

A Shot of Brandi follows barely-legal entrepreneur Rick Grosse after his partner betrays his Philadelphia business, leading him down the path of becoming a vengeful yet likeable murderer with his only focus on money and a lost love named Brandi. The thriller also follows Stephen Davis, lead detective for the Organized Crime Task Force, on his investigations of Grosse, the New York mob and the Russian mafia.

The result? A powerhouse of a novel that mystery lovers won't want to miss.

"I've read several hundred true crimes stories and have always had an affinity to forensics and crime solving," says Tanz. "I really think I know the formula for what is deemed successful in a crime novel, so this is my attempt at it."

David S. Tanz grew up in New York prior to graduating from Boston University. A Shot of Brandi is his first major publication in which he combines his interests of food, travel, old movies and even some forensic science. He currently resides in Voorhees, N.J., where he works in the pharmaceutical industry. He is currently single but bides his time being cared for by two cats (Sonny and Cee) that are named after characters from the movie A Bronx Tale.

A Shot of Brandi
Author: David S. Tanz
ISBN: 9781462066810
Price: $25.95




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