A Little Bit of Heaven

A Little Bit of Heaven

A Little Bit Of Heaven DVD

Cast: Kate Hudson, Gael Garcia Bernal, Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Bates, Lucy Punch, Romany Malco, Rosemarie DeWitt, Steven Weber, Treat Williams
Director: Nicole Kassell
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Drama
Rated: M
Running Time: 102 minutes

Set in New Orleans, A Little Bit of Heaven tells the inspiring story of an irreverent young woman who finds love in the most extraordinary of circumstances. Academy Award nominee, Kate Hudson, and Gael Garcia Bernal lead an all-star cast in this thought provoking portrayal of love and the unexpected challenges life can throw at you.

Marley Corbett is young, beautiful, and wildly funny. Whilst a success at work, Marley is too afraid to open herself up to true love and commitment, using her wit and humour to keep serious relationships at bay.

However, Marley's life is changed forever as she is not only diagnosed with a terminal illness, but finds herself falling in love with her doctor. Soon the two are set on a path of eye-opening adventure and discovery, leading to revelations that neither thought possible.

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A Little Bit Of Heaven
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