6 Top Tips For Home Swimming Pool Safety

6 Top Tips For Home Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming pool safety is paramount when it comes to enjoying a home pool. Ensuring your family are safe around the pool should be a parent's number one priority. Here are some tips to achieve just this.

Parental Supervision
One of the best ways to prevent pool accidents and drowning is parental supervision. This will need to be active supervision which means sitting by the pool with your full attention on the children. You should not be reading a book or playing on your phone instead of watching them.

If you have a group of people, you should designate someone as the water watcher and change with them every 15 minutes. The problem is that most drowning happen when the child is thought to be in the house. A parent was responsible for supervision in 67% of fatal drowning cases. This is why you need to have additional protections in place over and above active supervision.

Have Locks On All Windows And Doors
The locks should be installed in high areas that are out of the reach of children. This should be on every window and door that leads to the pool area. There are many cases of drowning where the parents were unaware that the children had figured out the doorknob. This is the reason why you should not rely on the door being closed. You also need to ensure that any pet doors to the pool are shut.

Get A Pool Safety Fence
One of the best steps to take is to install a pool fence like these from nationalpoolfences.com.au. The fence needs to be around 4-foot-tall and self-closing with a self-latching gate. A mesh pool fence has been proven to add a layer of protection. Some of these fences are transparent and will be pleasing to look at while being easy to remove when you need to.

Get A Pool Alarm
A lot of drowning are silent and you will not hear anything until it is too late. Pool alarms will break the silence. You can get an alarm for doors and windows, an alarm that sits in the pool or one that your child wears. If the child falls into the pool, the alarm inside the house will go off.

Teach Your Child To Swim
When you and your pediatrician are comfortable with it, you should enroll your child in some swimming lessons. There are a lot of organizations that offer these lessons for infants and teach them to roll over and float. They will also learn how to swim to the edge of the pool if they ever fall in.

Learn CPR
If all other prevention methods fail, you need to know how to do CPR. Knowing how to perform CPR can be the difference between life, death, and permanent disability.