6 New Ways to Improve Personal Wellness

6 New Ways to Improve Personal Wellness

As you've aged, it's safe to assume you've made a few resolutions about working on your physical health. Maybe you wanted to lose some weight, quit smoking, or reduce stress. Seeking self-improvement is a great thing. But it's pointless if you're rudderless and not dedicated to the process. There's a reason why gym attendance spikes after New Year's Eve and then gradually tapers off as the year goes by. But that doesn't have to be the case!

To that end, we've compiled 6 new ways for you to improve your personal wellness.

Get Your Heart Pumping
Few things are more important for your mental and physical health than daily exercise. Doctors suggest that you spend at least 45 minutes every day on physical activity. When you do, really push yourself. Sweat through your shirt. Work until your legs burn. Get your heart pumping!

While this is a good start, if you want to turn exercise into a lifelong habit, you've got to set achievable and measurable goals for yourself and then chase after them relentlessly. Some examples include:
Build a six pack
Drop 20 lbs
Run a 5k
Swim 1,000 meters
Tone your body

Eat a Balanced Diet
Would you put regular unleaded gas into a Ferrari? Treat your body with the same respect. In all likelihood, your mother has spent your entire life explaining the importance of a nutritious diet and its impact on your long-term health. Listen to her. Start fueling yourself with healthy food.

Give up fast foods, processed foods, sweets, and alcohol. Instead, focus on cooking healthy meals at home. If you're the type that could burn water, sign up for a meal plan service like Blue Apron, which makes cooking fun and easy to follow.

Seek Inner Harmony
If you wish to live a happy and fulfilled life, it's vital that your chi and chakra are in harmony. To ensure that they are, use aura camera equipment for real-time, 3D rendered, aural imaging. This system lets you measure and monitor your chi-energy, and then provides insights on how to maintain a perfect energy balance.

Take up Yoga
We all need outlets for stress, and few are better for you than yoga. It can help you find a balance between your body, spirit, and energy. Also, there are so many branches of yoga that you're sure to find one that suits you. Try them out. See what you like. And then purchase a Manduka yoga mat so you don't have to rent them anymore.

Studies have shown that weekly Yoga sessions can help reduce stress and improve your:
Physical strength
Energy level
Cardiovascular health

Meditation is an excellent method for stress relief that can further help bring your spirit and chakra into balance. Focusing your mind and relaxing your body allows you to channel your energy towards a purpose or goal. If you're new to meditation, download an app like Calm, which can help guide you through their 100+ meditations. Each exercise is focused on a different aspect of personal wellness. Choose the one you're looking for.

Stick a Needle in It
Your health and wellness are intrinsically tied to your happiness and productivity. Even a minor injury can be distracting and make it incredibly difficult to go about your everyday business. Acupuncture is an underutilized field of medicine that can heal both your body and spirit.

But what if you're not a fan of needles? Just give it a try. Seriously. The needles they use are 1/50th of the width of the needles used to draw blood. In the hands of a skilled acupuncturist you won't feel a thing. Benefits of bimonthly acupuncture appointments include:

Reduced tension in back, neck, shoulders, and joints
Reduced hot flashes
Jump starts the immune system
Stress relief
Enhanced mental clarity
Increased energy
Allergy relief

Take Control of Your Life
If you're unsatisfied with a particular facet of your spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical well-being, then what're you waiting for? Stop being complacent! Take measured steps to begin fixing those issues. Stick to it and you'll be amazed by how quickly your life improves.