Manufactures are producing 3D TV's at a record rating, ensuring they appear in all retail stores due to 'consumer demand' but I'm not convinced. How many Australians want to take the plunge of having a 3D TV in their living room? Are mothers expected to wear glasses whilst preparing nightly dinners and school lunches as the nightly news screens in 3D in the background? I'm not sure that 3D is where consumers are ready to go. 3D televisions, games and movies may just be another way for manufactures to sell new electronic 'fads' to Australians.

From now on most blockbuster movies entering our cinemas will be shown in 3D, my research has shown that movies were originally screened in 3D in the 1950's and like fishnets, flares and fluro fashion fads it has popped up again in the 21st century.

I already have to wear glasses to watch television and I can tell you it is not fun. Imagine: you've walked in from a long day at work, switched the television on and sunk down into the comfy couch and then realised you have no idea were you 3D glasses are! How many times do you loose your remote? All the time! You'd have to search for the remote and glasses every time you wanted to watch TV. How many pairs of 3D glasses would one television need to have, what if a large group of friends came over to watch a movie? Not to mention they look dorky...

Not so long ago going to the movies was an exciting experience which faded as we were able to enjoy the special effects of movies in our homes. 3D and new special effects enabled us to rediscover the joy of cinema, but the ability to have that experience in our very own family rooms will surely take away from the fun of a movie-date.

Call me a technophobe or an 'oldy' but I don't really see the point in 3D televisions, the cost is phenomenal and I only recently purchased a new television, I am not ready to upgrade, especially when I am happy watching 2D television.

The biggest issue for me is the ill feeling and headaches I get after watching 3D movies, I couldn't watch television in 3D all the time or I'd constantly have nausea and a migraine. I've come to learn that children don't like 3D either, they jump and jolt around their chairs scared as 3D creatures jump out at them.

I wonder how many television shows are prepared to screen their episodes in 3D; Friends and Law and Order re-runs certainly won't be shown in 3D. Seriously, what's next; the ability to smell the food that the chef is cooking on the latest food show?

3D is just another electronic fad; one that should be left in the cinema.

Brooke Hunter