Zest Online Program

Zest Online Program

Zest Online Program

VARLAH, Australia's leading on-demand fitness streaming service, has broken new ground with the launch of its Zest online program.

Tapping into the older demographic – a market that has been overlooked by the fitness industry to date – Zest by VARLAH is Australia's first on-demand 8-week wellness & total transformation fitness streaming program aimed at the 50s plus market, with online daily workouts and a comprehensive nutrition guide and meal plan.


Zest has been designed by world-renowned master trainer and group exercise pioneer Wendi Carroll, who is best known for her high-energy Aerobics Oz Style workouts on TV from the 90s and noughties. 


As a baby boomer herself, Wendi is a firm believer in the importance of staying active, fit and healthy at any age.


'As any personal trainer would tell you, it's important to tailor workouts to the needs of individual clients. Especially when it comes to age; you can't get a grandparent to do exercises with the same level of intensity as a millennial!"


'Given the numerous proven health benefits for seniors who exercise – including lowering the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure – I'm amazed that no one has created a program like Zest before."


'Seniors are highly prone to -gymtimidation', which is why the Zest workouts – which can be completed from the comfort of your own home – are so appealing."


'It is entirely possible to develop a six-pack in your 60s. Just give me 35 minutes a day a few times a week over the eight-week program, and I promise that your quality of life will radically improve," said Ms Carroll. 


Designed for those in their 50s, 60s or 70 plus, Zest offers a variety of tailored workouts for every fitness level. Customers get lifetime access to Wendi's fun, inspiring and dynamic workouts that support a variety of goals across health, strength, agility, weight-loss, mobility and fitness.


Since the program is entirely online, video workouts can be streamed on demand from home, a park, a friend's place or anywhere and anytime from an internet-enabled device such as a mobile phone, TV, tablet, laptop or PC.


The online portal also includes a forum for fellow Zest participants to motivate each other, a workout calendar and a population-specific nutrition guide and meal plan designed by an Accredited Dietician. 


Whatever the health goal, users will complete fitness tests and progress charts as they continue through the program to keep them accountable.


'We started VARLAH to show the world that getting active, fit and healthy is within reach regardless of age, location, fitness ability or interest. We're so excited to partner with Wendi to add Zest to our growing online fitness library and expand our service to be relevant to all ages and markets," said VARLAH co-founder, Lexy Meyerson.


'We have an aging population, and the latest stats show that only around one in 10 Aussies over the age of 50 exercises enough to gain any cardiovascular benefit. We need to give our seniors the resources they need to help them stay active, fit and healthy."


'Baby boomers would fondly remember those old aerobics videos from the 80s and 90s that enabled them to exercise from their living rooms. Zest – and the rest of the VARLAH catalogue – is the modern equivalent, letting you access workouts anytime and from anywhere, on any device with an Internet connection."


Zest is available for $69.95, and once purchased, customers have access to the online portal of on-demand video workouts, nutrition guides and discussion forums for life. 


For more information on Zest by VARLAH, please visit www.varlah.com or find VARLAH on Facebook or Instagram for incredible body transformation photos, health, fitness and nutrition tips and new program releases.