Zero Your Carbon

Zero Your Carbon

'Zero Your Carbon' a glamorous and user friendly website created by housewife, environmental correspondent, activist, realist and 'green' glamour girl Linda Owen has recently launched on the world wide web to inform and encourage female consumers to join forces against the looming climate crisis.

An advocate for the good life, and self-confessed 'serious consumer', Linda's humorous, honest, and sometimes -controversial attitude is a healthy and light addition to the current hot topic of global warming., provides user friendly, step-by-step easy information, tips and a simplified picture of the global warming issue to date. Plus, a lively blog and video interviews with regular updates. The site has been personally funded and composed by Linda who has spent the last two years researching, compiling and translating information for the everyday consumer. By adding humor and speaking simply, directly and honestly about her perception of the global warming situation Linda believes Australians can embrace changes and make it popular for the mainstream to live greener.

A supporter of personal emissions reduction Linda says, "Lets make reducing our emissions glamorous - why not? I'm lobbying the trendsetters such as Paris, Posh, Elle, Nicole and Kylie to 'embrace their inner hippie'! Sport the 'new bling' of climate neutral luggage tags, solar powered i-Pods, bio-degradable runners, over-sized sunnies as solar panels and treadmills that power your PDA's!"

An inspiring new mouthpiece for global warming awareness, Linda's persona is infectious and when asked why she has invested her own funds and "joined the bandwagon" of global warming commentary she said "because it's time to hear it in lay 'wo-man's terms and from someone who isn't a scientist, politician or waffler! My future aim is to encourage and assist local governments, mainstream manufacturers and retailers to set goals for carbon neutrality."