Women's Week at Short+Sweet

Women's Week at Short+Sweet

Short+Sweet Week 5: Women's Special

Short tasty theatre treats 7-10 March

Week Five of 'the biggest little theatre festival in the world' is a special Women's Week – in recognition of International Women's Day. Festival Director Sarah Purdue has introduced the special focused week to showcase the work of female artists and plays that feature themes of importance to women.

Reality Check by Maria Karambelas is about a reality TV show; but what is real? Elouise Eftos, Gina Cohen, Anthony King, Stephen Penn & Murray Fane star. Margot's Bench by Lindsey Brown (NZ) is a powerf

ul monologue where a woman (Rebecca Smee) must justify the murder she committed… Former Australian Ballet star Olga Tamara directs.

Jodie Wolf's Whitewash is presented by Bohemia Theatre and portrays a family living in a web of madness, secrets and lies.
A huge cast, directed by the writer and choreographed by Porter James features Abbie Gallagher, Erin Bruce, Gina Rose Drew, Marybeth Bonnor, Matthew English, Melody Knapp, Penny Day and Samantha Lambert.

This is What a Feminist Looks Like by Melinda Ryan, is co-directed by the writer and Wendy Winkler.
Ryan stars alongside Kaitlin de Lacy and Hayley Flowers in a meticulously researched piece
inspired by oral histories of women in the Suffragette, Women's Liberation and Modern Women's Movements.

#MeToo by NZ writer Liz Crawshaw is an empowering piece in the fight against sexual abuse.
Directed by Taufeeq Ahmed Sheikh with choreographer Zarmar Pandya Joshi, it features Sarah Maguire, Capri Walsh, Avantika Tomar and Abhishek Mehrotra.

In the weekend matinee Wildcard section US playwright Kara E Krantz's Recess is a funny and powerful window into the minds of children and their insights into the world of relationships. Amahlia Day directs Emma Jensen and Jesse Aquiningo.

Click by Mike Stang (US) and directed by Alyssa Gillgren is a conversation between man and his maker moments before death.
Simon Cabello and Douglas Baker star in this play about facing fear and letting go.

Newtown Performing Arts High School graduate Jacque Vickers' Happy Un-birthday is an Alice-in-Wonderland-esque romp with Vicers and co-starring Kim-Cuong Do and Madeleine Raven.

Background Check by legendary US sitcom writer Ken Levine follows two extras on the set of "Frasier" who decide to step out of the shadows! Davina Abela directs Cassandra Ng & Lauren Nolly.

Finally, 30 10 11 - written, directed and performed by Janelle Merry of HELP! Productions (right) - is a heart-wrenching personal account of what it's like to miscarry in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

Short+Sweet Theatre plays at the Tom Mann Theatre Theatre, 136 Chalmers St, Surry Hills until April with both a Top 80 (Thur-Sat 7.30pm, Sun 6pm) and Wildcards program (Sat 3.30pm, Sun 2.30pm).

There are 10 plays a night with a new program each week. The gala finals take place in April.
Tickets are $27 Top 80 and $24 Concession/Wildcards. A special online student price $15 applies for all Thursday shows.
More info, weekly program and bookings are all available at www.shortandsweet.org/sydney