What are Eco Carpets and how to style them

What are Eco Carpets and how to style them

Elevate your floors while looking after the environment with Carpet Court's eco-friendly carpet range.


Eco carpets are a winner for a modern style in your bedroom, lounge, family rooms, and other relaxation spaces.

Carpet Court's eco-friendly carpets seamlessly blends luxury and sustainability. They'll infuse your space with so much cosiness and calm that your home will become a retreat away from the daily stresses of life.


There are two kinds of eco carpets:

1.         Natural – these are carpets crafted from natural materials like wool. These are naturally sustainable while at the same time super-soft under the feet.

2.         Recycled – recycled carpets breathe new life into nylon fishing nets, old carpets, and plastic bottles saving them from ending up in landfill.


What are eco carpets made from?

Going greener doesn't mean you have to sacrifice softness or quality. In fact, you can still have hefty doses of both.


Eco carpets are made from all the good stuff and good stuff only, from biodegradable, renewable and recyclable materials that are both healthier for nature and us.


One of the most popular options on the market is ECONYL® regenerated nylon, made from 100% recycled yarn made from nylon waste. Instead of throwing away fishing nets and old carpets in landfill, they're recycled into stunning carpets that are both exceptionally soft and durable. Busy family life, pets and spills don't stand a chance with ECONYL®'s fibre's superior stain resistance.


Hoping to create a healthier home? ECONYL® regenerated nylon is a stylish solution. Because the eco-friendly carpet is free of harmful dyes, glues and toxic chemicals, it's so much cleaner on your body. It uses low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) ingredients, so it's safe for anyone with allergies.


For bright, long-lasting colours, Carpet Court's products use colour-fast fibres to create fade-resistant carpets. It means that dye is spread throughout the yarn and doesn't just sit on top of the fibres. It will prevent colour bleeding and gift your carpets with vibrant, rich colours for years and years to come.


Styling Eco Carpets For Your Home

Often overlooked, flooring is actually a major focal point of a home and on which other interiors are usually developed. Eco carpets are available in a wide range of colours and textures, so it's easy to find the designs that best suit your home, no matter your lifestyle, look or budget.


For more traditional homes, Carpet Court offers eco carpets in a timeless range of elegant neutral tones that would balance well with bright spaces and light-coloured furniture.


There's also plenty to choose from for a contemporary look. The collection features sophisticated carpets in deep charcoals and greys that will be the perfect canvas for super-luxe interiors.


Got high traffic areas? Cut pile, twisted fibres are the perfect eco carpets for the job. Their dense texture can handle all kinds of heavy wear. Carpet Court's ECONYL® regenerated nylon range will maintain its lush appearance from the moment that it's installed in your home. Whatever the foot traffic, its strong fibres will bounce back into shape and maintain its gorgeous quality.




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