Water Restrictions Lift

Water Restrictions Lift

Australia's future far from blue as water restrictions lift Australia's future far from blue as water restrictions lift New research reveals two-thirds of Australians agree they could save more water Almost half of Australians don't think about where their tap water comes from Smart Approved WaterMark urges Australians to educate themselves to make their future blue with better water efficiency As the country stands in the aftermath of drought and fires, shocking new research reveals that two-thirds of Australians could save more water (63%) and would 'freak out' if their taps stopped flowing (69%).

The new Australia's Relationship with Water report reveals concerning statistics, with a staggering 45% of Australians not thinking about where their water comes from. This comes as one in four (26%) haven't discussed saving water with their children and over half (55%) admit they are addicted to turning on the tap.

The research commissioned by Smart Approved WaterMark, reveals that while everyone is concerned about the environment, this care rarely extends to issues relating to water, such as droughts, water shortages or dam levels. This is only set to worsen with the report revealing that only 14% of Gen Z have a high-water literacy, compared to two-thirds (65%) of Baby Boomers.

CEO of Smart Approved WaterMark, Chris Philpot commented on Australia's water literacy level, "Water literacy is all about knowing how water gets to your home, including how its treated and pumped and where it goes when you flush the toilet,

"Unfortunately, we found that Australia's water literacy is low and the last time Australians learnt anything about water was in high school," said Chris.

In fact, three quarters (71%) of Gen Z use longer showers to 'relax', while one in two (47%) feel that saving water is too inconvenient. While, a shocking 43% don't realise water down the drain is wasted.

With water shortages set to be a continuing problem for Australia, despite recent heavy rainfall, improved understanding of the water cycle is essential. "We've got a Blue House which is a fun interactive experience which delivers top water saving tips and products for your home in a fun and easy to explore way," said Chris.

Smart Approved WaterMark urges Australians to educate themselves to ensure their future is blue with water saving tips accessible through the online interactive tool, Blue House.

Photo by mrjn Photography on Unsplash