Wallpaper 2021 Trends

Wallpaper 2021 Trends

Wallpaper Forecast: The Trends That Will Define Our Homes in 2021

As we look to a brighter future, Superfresco Easy uncovers the trends that will brighten our homes

Having won over many homeowners in 2020, wallpaper is set to be a must-have this year. A well-chosen design can complement an aesthetic or introduce bold elements to a room. Personal relationships with nature, materials and colours will be a focus in 2021. Purples and blues, accompanied by deep greens and soft yellows will set the tone, combined in organic and geometric shapes.

"In 2020, we saw the emergence of Biophilic design, the desire to bring the outside in to connect with the natural elements," says Paula Taylor, Trends and Design Expert, Superfresco Easy. "This connection was of ever-increasing importance to our health and wellbeing in urban society, as research has shown that even indirect elements of nature help reduce stress, blood pressure and promotes wellbeing."

As Australians adjust to a new year and look to redesign or revamp their home interiors, Paula unravels the key Wallpaper trends that will define the homes of 2021.

Forecast – The Future is Now
Forward focused while incorporating the past, Forecast is inspired by the vivid 80s, embracing ultraviolet purples and pixelated elements.

Breaking through the "less is more" minimalist motto that has been prominent in the last few years, this modern 80s trend will return with playful shapes, bold colours and eccentric patterns. "Nostalgia became an interior inspiration in 2020 as we longed for times before the pandemic, but as we look to 2021 many will want to inject memories of their past with vibrancy and joy," says Paula.

Recharge – Self Care and Comfort
"Relaxing at home will never go out of style, making interiors that reduce stress, calm and sooth a big trend for 2021. Recharge embodies balance and geometry with a need to create order through simplified structures and architectural references, such as circular shapes, cocoon-like spaces and the multi-functionality of our homes. Additionally, beautiful botanicals, greys, blues and pastels will create an experience of tranquillity," says Paula.

This trend will also reiterate the importance of our relationship with nature and the need to feel close to the outdoors due to the calmness it brings us.

Authentic – Back to our Roots
"In difficult times, we look to those we love, making social connection a powerful priority for home design in 2021. For many, injecting a sense of homeliness and togetherness, while embodying happier times into their spaces will be a must.

The Authentic trend recalls the rich and comforting earth tones of the decade is further reflected in the return of oblong shapes, velvet textures, geometric ornaments and kitsch, energetic patterns," says Paula.

Impulse – In the Spotlight
Impulse is driven by our urge for experience. This 'show time' inspired trend focuses on intricate and ornate motifs. Moving away from the mid-century modern aesthetic, the art deco design movement will see a resurgence and will feature bold geometric shapes and sleek artistry in the architecture of the home.

"As we invest more in craftsmanship and attention detail, we find that decadent arches and bold floral displays are notable features of this trend," says Paula. Expect deep purples, berries and jewel influenced tones, combined with rich and velvety textures.

Shapeshifter – Transform and Adapt
As the name suggests, Shapeshifter is all about adapting to our surroundings. "For the past couple of years, we have been focused on achieving perfection in terms of our design styles, perfect shapes and neat interiors. However, a year on from the outbreak of COVID-19 where we were all thrust back to basics, we can now look to embrace imperfection in the way we style our homes," says Paula. A blend of glitchy elements and hallucinogenic features drive this trend which mixes deep purple tones with statement greens and grounding greys. "The divine elements of geometry combined with the wild and bold features of nature encapsulate a main trend of 2021," adds Paula.

Once a major investment in a home's look, wallpaper is now a design element that can be easily changed with the trends thanks to removable options, like Superfresco Easy. It's 'Paste the Wall' technology allows homeowners and even renters alike to quickly put up wallpaper without the need for messy pasting tables and can be peeled off by hand without feat of ruining the wall beneath.

Superfresco Easy is available across Australia in Bunnings Warehouse and Independent Hardware Group stores, with prices starting at RRP $60 per roll.