Victa Father's Day Gift Guide

Victa Father's Day Gift Guide

Victa Father's Day Gift Guide

Victa has proved an essential gardening companion amongst Dads for generations. This year, the renowned brand has made gift-giving simple with its ever-popular Australian lawnmower range sure to make Dad feel in complete control of his lawn. With a wide range of different features, Victa lawnmowers are designed for a hassle-free mowing experience.


Victa Corvette 100 Cut & Catch (RRP $429)

The Corvette 100 features RapidStartTechnology for easier starting.  Powered by a Briggs & Stratton OHV 550E Series4-stroke engine, it makes for a quieter and efficient lawn mowing experience. The Corvette 100 also features a durable, 18" pressed steel cutting deck as well as a classic, Dual-Blade Cutting system, providing a clean cut and catch every time. Available nationally from Victa Gold Dealers.


Victa Corvette 300 Mulch or Catch (RRP $549)

The Corvette 300 Mulch or Catch features a unique patented mulching blade-disc design that generates greater air circulation beneath the mower while simultaneously cutting the grass. The result is finer mulch and the ultimate in mulching performance. Its EXi series engine is not only easy to use, but offers easy maintenance, powerful performance and durability. Starting is fast and easy thanks to ReadyStartTechnology, which has no prime or choke for a hassle-free start. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton OHV 675EXi Series engine and featuring a Quad-Blade Cutting System, the Corvette 300 delivers the power Dad needs to get the job done, even in harsh conditions. Available nationally from Victa Gold Dealers.


NEW Victa Rapid Mulcher – Limited Edition 19" Mulch or Catch (RRP $399)

Featuring large rear 11" wheels and a wide-cut chassis, Victa's Rapid Mulcher easily mows through rough terrain and features a soft grip handle that's thicker, softer and easier on Dad's hands. With a catcher that has 20 per cent more volume, less time is spent emptying so the job can be done faster. Dad can save even more time by switching to mulching mode and returning nutrients to his lawn with the benefit of fine mulch. The Briggs & Stratton 500E Series engine ensures that the lawn gets mowed quickly and efficiently, while its RapidStart™ Technology means easy starting, every time. Available from Bunnings Warehouse.


NEW Victa Super Quiet 18" QPT Cut & Catch (RRP $499)

Thanks to a team of engine experts, Briggs & Stratton's Quiet Power Technology™ (QPT™) means this mower is 40 per cent quieter[1], making it the quietest engine in its class, even the neighbours will love it! Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 675EXi QPT Series engine and featuring Victa's Quad Blade Cut and Catch system, the Super Quiet makes mowing a breeze, even in thick, wet grass. Starting is easy with ReadyStart Technology; there's no prime and no choke - just one smooth pull-start. Best of all, the Super Quiet comes with Briggs & Stratton's Just Check & Add feature, making it the easiest mower to maintain - Dad will never have to change the oil[2]. Available from Bunnings Warehouse.


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