Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion

Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion

Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion

Each day around half a litre of water and vital nutrients are lost from skin leaving the body's largest organ prone to itchiness and flakiness. The rapid loss of essential nutrients coupled with the fact that only 30% of Australians and New Zealanders use body moisturiser on a regular basis means out skin is in desperate need of a drink.

Vaseline knows that even when skin looks healthy, it could actually be dry. That's why Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion is enriched with essential nutrients to help replenish hydration daily, keeping the skin vibrant and feeling healthy.

Why Moisturise?
Regular moisturisation is essential for soft, supple skin. Skin doesn't just need moisture when it feels dry, it is in constant need of moisture to function normally. Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion, which is Australia's number one selling body lotion, gives Australians an affordable, yet effective solution to promote the ideal environment for skin to feel smooth and look radiant. It is enriched with vitamins A, E and B5 and helps replenish hydration daily- giving thirsty skin the essential moisture it needs!

How does it work?
Moisturising fills in the tiny cracks in skin that result from exposure to the environment or by cleansing, helping to restore the natural barrier function. Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion contains a combination of the most effective ingredients to give skin the moisture injection it needs, including:
Humectants that penetrate deeply into the driest layers of skin and draw in moisture
Occlusives that spread across the surface of the skin and penetrate slightly, creating a barrier to evaporation from the skin.
Emollients that contribute to the flexibility, softness and smoothness of skin. Some natural oils (e.g. Sunflower Seed Oil) contain components that are identical to skin lipids, reaplcing those lost from the skin.

The result? Skin is hydrated, looks radiant and feels healthy.

Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion is Australia's number one selling dry skin lotion. It:
  • Is enriched with Vitamins A, E and B5
  • Helps to replenish hydration daily, keeping skin vibrant and feeling healthy
  • Contains conditioning moisturisers which promote daily hydration and helps restore the ksin's natural moisture balance
  • Is non greasy, quickly absorbed and suitable for all skin types
  • Is available in a selection of sizes.

    Katrina McDonald, Vaseline Brand Manager said: "Moisturising regularly is essential, it is just not as effective when only used as an 'antidote' to already dry and flaky skin. The best approach is preventative; moisturise even when your skin feels fine.

    "Many dry skin complaints can be prevented or minimised by a good skincare routine like using Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion which provides instant and long-lasting moisture to keep skin amazing everyday."

    Hydrate skin with Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion, available in supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide now.

    35mL: RRP: $3.15
    75mL: RRP: $3.49
    200mL: RRP: $4.99
    375mL: RRP: $7.29
    750mL: RRP: $10.99
    1.5L: RRP: $14.99

    Stockist info: 1800 061 027

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