Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse and Steph Lowe Interview

Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse and Steph Lowe Interview

Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse

Urban Remedy make 100% raw and supercharged juice cleanses that are nutrient-heavy, cater to individual needs (think cleanse programs or build your own options) and are easy to do - everything is sent to you and in just one single delivery.


Review: Urban Remedy makes it super easy to follow their juice cleanses with information regarding pre- and post- cleanse which is delivered, direct to you, with the juices, the day before your cleanse. I had the two-day 'Urban Remedy Soft Cleanse' which entails:
Wake up (6am): Mother Tonic
Breakfast (7am): The Antioxidant
Mid-Morning (10am): Hail to Kale
Lunch (12pm): Super Berry
Post Lunch (2pm): Heart Beet
Mid Afternoon (4pm): Seriously Green
Dinner (7pm): Chai Bliss
Evening (9pm): Turkish Rose

I thoroughly enjoyed The Antioxidant, it was delicious and one of my favourite Urban Remedy juices along with delightful Super Berry.

Throughout the cleanse I ate an apple, a handful of nuts (for texture) and a small salad of kale, for lunch on the first day although I don't think the food is necessary, I believe I needed the extra food as it was extremely hot on both days of my cleanse.

The second day of my cleanse was a busy day of Christmas shopping; I packed up my four juices (Hail to Kale, Super Berry, Heart Beet and Seriously Green) in a cooler bag and found the cleanse very convenient as I was able to drink the juices whilst driving between stores and I wasn't tempted by food.

Due to the Melbourne heat I drank my juices with lots of water and before bed, both nights; I had the Turkish Rose juice which enabled me to have two nights of solid 10 hour sleep.

On Sunday, the day after the cleanse, I noticed my appetite had supressed and by Monday (two days post-cleanse) I felt amazing; I am feeling bright eyed and extra alert for a Monday.

I am surprised at my good mood and the general feeling of lightness I have after the two-day cleanse. Overall I feel refreshed and great in not only my body, by my mind.

If you're looking for a juice cleanse to rejuvenate and refresh after Christmas and a big New Year's Eve, I truly suggest an Urban Remedy cleanse as I feel a lot less sluggish and more alert coming into one of the biggest weeks, of the year.
- Grace Skarvellis

Urban Remedy's Steph Lowe, leading Australian Sports Nutritionist and founder of The Natural Nutritionist Interview

Question: Why do you suggest juice cleanses?

Steph Lowe: A juice cleanse is a fantastic way to give your system a break. It acts to eliminate the toxins that come with the consumption sugar, alcohol, caffeine and processed foods. When we consume a cleanse, we receive an abundance of nutrients that help with our digestion, metabolism, circulation and cell repair. You're essentially supercharging your body with nutrients at the same time.

Question: How does the body detox during a juice cleanse?

Steph Lowe: Your liver is your chief detoxification organ, supporting the digestive system and allowing it to run smoothly. Supporting your liver function will accelerate toxin elimination and enhance your gut health.

Question: What are the benefits of juice for two or more days without food?

Steph Lowe: Digestion is a very large process that requires a significant amount of energy from the body. Constant snacking or grazing can lead to digestive stress, so drinking juice for two or more days without food gives your digestive system a break. The added benefit is the nutrition boost from all the amazing nutrients in the juices!

Question: How can we choose the right juice cleanse, for us?

Steph Lowe: If you're new to cleansing, start with a one or two day cleanse, so you can get used to what it feels like to cleanse. If you're more advanced you could do anything up to a six day cleanse, as you're likely more aware of how your body reacts to the cleanse and your changes in energy levels.

Question: How is each juice cleanses different?

Steph Lowe: Many cleanses, such as Urban Remedy's, are tailored with specific health and wellbeing goals in mind. In the Urban Remedy range, if you want to boost your digestive system, try a Signature Soft Cleanse, if you want to speed up your metabolism try a Remedial Natural High cleanse or if your goals are focused more on a slim down ahead of an event you could try a Remedial Red Carpet cleanse.

Question: What should we know going into a juice cleanse?

Steph Lowe: The most important thing to know is that you need to begin cleaning up your day-to-day nutrition two days prior, to prime your digestion and begin eliminating toxins. Often we experience a withdrawal response to the elimination of certain foods and beverages, and by starting this early, it should have passed or significantly lessened by the time you're using juices as your predominant or sole source of nutrition. To put it simply - don't go straight from an indulgent weekend into a cleanse, cut out alcohol, refined sugars, processed foods and caffeine. Focus on real food and intensify your hydration via water, coconut water and herbal teas.

Question: And, what should we do, after a cleanse?

Steph Lowe: Much like before the cleanse, I'd recommend keeping your focus on real food, for as long as you can. Enjoy small meals, a larger amount of plant based foods and small serves of dairy and fish. Most importantly, continue to stay hydrated and incorporate some of the strategies you have learned into an ongoing lifestyle.

Question: Can we continue to exercise during a juice cleanse?

Steph Lowe: Yes, there's absolutely no reason why you can't. One consideration is that initially, some people report that they don't have the same amount of energy as they normally would, so choosing a softer, lighter workout can be beneficial. If you're new to cleansing, don't start with an intense Crossfit session, but rather try some gentle yoga and see how you go. For those more experienced cleansers, you can likely keep up with your regular exercise routine.

Question: How many days cleanse would be needed to 'undo the silly-season indulgences"?

Steph Lowe: It's not really about undoing your indulgences, but giving your body a rest and a chance to reset, rejuvenate and move forward with a real food lifestyle. A two-day cleanse is a great start as the nutrient density of the juices will really give your body a boost!

Question: What benefits will we experience from a two-day juice cleanse?

Steph Lowe: Even a two-day juice cleanse is enough to experience an increase in energy, improve your digestion and see clearer skin. It will also help stabilise your mood and energy supply on a day-to-day basis.

Question: How do you plan to bounce into 2016?

Steph Lowe: Personally I have set myself a really specific goal, which is to run a twilight run – what a way to kick off the New Year. This year I also want to try some new healthy recipes, which will also serve as fantastic pre and post cleanse meal ideas.

Question: What are your fitness and food goals for 2016?

Steph Lowe: For me, it's about getting back into running and open water swimming as I've got a couple of races coming up in January. I also want to get stronger, with a big goal of a body weight pull up!


Interview by Brooke Hunter


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