Ultimate Self Care Bundle by Orenda Beauty Review

Ultimate Self Care Bundle by Orenda Beauty Review

This bundle will change your self love and skincare routine forever! 

It includes our best-selling Cryo Wands + Gua Sha + Deluxe Reusable Makeup Removers.

First look after yourself, your pocket and the environment by cleansing your face with our Deluxe Reusable Makeup Removers.

Follow this with your skincare products and use the Gua Sha for an anti-aging massage.

And lastly, the star of the show, CRYO WANDS! Take these beauties straight from the freezer and massage your face. This will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, is one of the "hottest" trends in the wellness world as it speeds up the metabolism, flushes out toxins and helps to firm and brighten skin. Celebs just as Hugh JackmanJennifer AnnistonMandy Moore and Kate Hudson all reportedly swear by cryo or cold immersion.  

Now it is starting to make its way into the beauty world as it also promotes cell rejuvenation, activates collagen production, aids lymphatic drainage, brightens and tightens skin and more. Olivia Culpo has said it's been a 'game-changer 'in skin tightening.

The new Cryo Wand is made from stainless steel and is filled with an anti-freeze liquid that allows them to reach extremely cold temperatures. They can be stored in the freezer to get icy cold, are unbreakable and can safely be used regularly.


HOT TIP! Leave your Cryo Wands out and use them for HOT MASSAGE by soaking them in hot water!


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Review: The idea of Cryo Wands is quite new to me, and while I'm not a fan of the cold and found this a little confronting, you do get used to it quite quickly. True to their marketing they do leave your face invigorated and refreshed.  The Deluxe Reusable Makeup Removers are so soft, and fluffy piillows of luxe perfection, you may find yourself taking longer in the bathroom than necessary cause they feel so luxurious.  The Rose Quartz Gua Sha Crystal promotes lymphatic drainage, cell rejuvenation, blood circulation which relieves tension and stress, reduces inflammation, puffiness and fine lines.