Ewe Beauty Skincare

Ewe Beauty Skincare

Family owned and operated Tasmanian farm, Grandvewe, launches Ewe Care, Australia's first-ever sustainable skincare brand formulated with sheep milk and native Tasmanian botanicals. 

Re-purposing Awassi sheep milk not suitable for cheesemaking, Ewe Care's natural range of day and night creams
are the first of their kind in the natural skincare category and provide a functional and sustainable solution to waste management on the farm.  

"Ewe Care addresses a significant gap in the Australian skincare market," said Nicole Gilliver, co-founder and
executive director of Ewe Care. "It gives life to unwanted ingredients and materials that would otherwise be discarded and allows us to turn the cost of waste into a progressive, profitable and marketable product." 

Housed in environmentally-friendly and locally crafted ceramic vessels, the sheep milk formulation is rich in vitamins
A, B, C, D & E, including a host of minerals, proteins, fats and acids, and serves as an effective topical treatment against ageing, dehydrated and compromised skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. 

As the only milk source on the planet to contain naturally occurring levels of vitamin C, as well as anti-inflammatory
and antimicrobial properties, sheep milk has also been found to reverse moisture loss, improve collagen production, combat acne-causing bacteria, protect skin from UV-induced free radicals, and reduce redness. 

Committed to preserving the environment and minimising single-use plastic waste, Ewe Care is also the first
skincare brand in Australia to implement 100% home compostable packaging across its entire range and utilise components made strictly from organic compounds that degrade naturally and safely in the environment.  

"Our innovative and sustainable packaging is intrinsically tied to Ewe Care's core values," said Nicole. "Customers
can adopt the farm's ethos and repurpose elements of the packaging into application sponges or a keepsake box."  

Combining native botanicals local to Tasmania, such as Cape Grim Water, Fucoidan Kelp Extract, Coastal Tea Tree
Oil and Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry, Ewe Care is a proud advocate for Earth's natural resources and respecting the land from which they operate. 

Available nationwide, Ewe Care day and night creams can be purchased in refillable 60ml sachets, or together with
the ceramic vessel to protect ingredients from light and oxygen degradation.  

The vessles are all crafted by hand and the design you see on the lid is actually burnt wool so every piece is unique, or ewenique rather!!





Once in a while there is a product that's and 11/10 well Ewecare has it all!  The cream itself is rich and luxurious, but suitable for sensitive skin (like mine).  It's rich in vitamins and minerals, and it actually works wonders on psoriasis (which is hard to find).  It adds moisture to your skin and improves it's elasticity, use it on your face, neck, hands, even feet, it really is a super cream. 


I love how it's efficially sourced and uses waste product, giving life to unwanted ingredients to creat a premium product.  It comes in a handcrafted Tasmanian ceramic bowl that can be refilled from sachets, you will want to style all your bathrooms with this gem, Love Love Love!


Editor - Michelle Warmuz