Tree Fu Tom

Tree Fu Tom

Tree Fu Tom

Action adventure series Tree Fu Tom has made it's debut on ABC4Kids, comprising an exceptional cast including former Doctor Who stars David Tennant and Sophie Aldred.


Aimed at pre-school children between the ages of three to six, Tree Fu Tom is set in the magical world of Treetopolis and follows the adventures of an ordinary eight-year old boy Tom (Aldred) who, when he puts on his belt and performs a special sequence of magic action movements (known as Tree Fu), transforms into a mighty but magical super hero.  


Once he has been transported to the wondrous enchanted kingdom of Treetopolis, Tom is joined by his sidekick Twigs (Tennant) an energetic Acorn Sprite. Together the inseparable duo become embroiled in amazing action-packed adventures.


When events run beyond their control it is only with help from the audience performing Tree Fu moves and sendingtheir magic to Tom that they can create Big World Magic and save the day.  Movement Magic is an essential part of Tree Fu Tom and at the heart of the series is the idea that every child can be a hero, by being encouraged to participate in movement based magic spells to save the day in each episode). 


The Tree Fu Tom Movement Curriculum has been developed by occupational therapist and physiotherapy experts affiliated with the Dyspraxia Foundation in the UK. The spells incorporate movements typically used to help children with movement disorders such as dyspraxia but have been designed to help all children – regardless of whether they have any movement challenges.


'Tree Fu Tom ensures children participate in targeted physical activities at times when they might otherwise be rather sedentary, bringing the health benefits of more active 'screen time" for all children," says Dyspraxia Foundation movement specialists Sally Payne 


BAFTA Award winning Blue Zoo Animation has used cutting edge technology to bring a filmic quality to theanimation to provide an immersive, interactive experience for all children.


'Tree Fu Tom is imaginative, inventive, exciting and really good fun!' says former Doctor Who star David Tennant.


Many mothers have been posting incredible videos of their children particpating in Tree Fu Tom by following Tom's spells. Check out the videos on YouTube.


Tree Fu Tom airs weekdays at 8.30am on ABC4Kids.