Travis Khan Interview

Travis Khan Interview

Travis Khan Interview

Question: What inspired your passion for performing?

Travis Khan: I have always been inspired by watching idols of mine, which in turn increases my passion for performing. I am continually inspired by the reaction and feeling I get when I am onstage. When I am performing in my latest show, Princes Of The Night there is this overwhelming sense of achievement I get when you hear the applause and reactions from the audience.

Question: How did you get your break into this career field?

Travis Khan: I originally got into my first professional stage show – The Lion King while being at dance school. The casting agent from Disney discovered me. I was then flown to Sydney to audition and landed a role. I have been performing professionally for 10 years now.

I got involved in Princes of the Night from a friend/performer in the show, Beau McCleish, who mentioned to me that they were looking for a new cast member to the show. After having an audition with the choreographer at the time and a meeting with Craig Wiese, the creator of Princes I got the job.

Question: Where are you currently performing?

Travis Khan: I recently finished performing in the show King Kong. I am currently managing/ stage manager for Princes of the Night every Saturday night, and performing in the show when one of the current cast members is away. I am freelancing too, so performing in corporate, television and modeling events that come up. I recently was featured on Neighbours and performed in Baz Luhrmann's grand opening of Emporium, Melbourne.

Question: Can you tell us about performance for King Kong? Was it more difficult than other stage shows?

Travis Khan: King Kong was an incredible experience as I was part of the world Premiere. I was fortunate to be involved in the creative process and was able to contribute ideas and choreography to the process, which then was seen onstage. It was different from other shows that I have been in as I did a lot of aerial work, so there was training undertaken for this. We also had a giant ape onstage, so this required a lot of work with the puppet.

Performing in Princes of the Night is very different to performing in King Kong and other musical shows as the stage and production elements are on a much smaller scale. Performing in Princes is more intimate and requires a more interactive approach to the audience.

Question: How do your daily lifestyle choices influence your performance and career?

Travis Khan: I am very conscious of my health and wellbeing. I watch what I eat and focus on my daily physical activity. I train regularly which is important in my line of work, to be in optimum shape for the Princes show.

Question: What is your health and fitness philosophy?

Travis Khan: To always be show fit and aesthetically ready. In my line of work you never know when opportunities can arrive, so it is very important to always be ready in case a phone call is received and need to be in great physical shape to do the job.

Question: Can you please provide your top five health tips?

Travis Khan: Choosing a healthy lifestyle can lead to a longer, more fulfilling life. Improving your physical and mental health has a positive effect on everyone around you.
Get Moving. There are exercise programs out there that promise amazing body transformations in a short amount of time but they're grueling. If you love that kind of challenge then go for it! To begin an exercise regimen that's less extreme, start with walking. Walking is a great way to ease into exercise and is less taxing on your joints than jogging or running.
Drinking enough water is vital to your health. Proper hydration aids in digestion, organ function and protects joint health. Consuming the proper amount of water daily keeps your skin healthy and helps flush out any toxins in your system.
Never underestimate the importance of a good night's sleep! As hectic as your life is, your body needs time to recharge. Insufficient sleep can lead to fatigue, depression and anxiety.
The beauty of a smile is that it is the key to a happy life; the more you smile, the happier you would be.

Question: What does your weekly exercise schedule look like?

Travis Khan: Weight training 5 times a week. 4 times with my Personal Trainer (Lawrence Templar, Fitness First Melbourne Central) and one session by myself, dance rehearsal for Princes, Saturday morning yoga class and 2 days cardio workout, whether that is a dance class, cardio machines at the gym or outdoor activities with friends.

My schedule is obviously quite intense, and I definitely wouldn't recommend this sort of exercise regime for everyone – the most important thing is to find an exercise or activity you love, and get moving!

Question: What advice do you have for teenagers looking at a career in performance and dancing?

Travis Khan: The best advice I could give would be to not give up! It is a tough industry, but with a strong mindset and committing yourself to keep up your training; that being dance classes, gym training and singing lessons you will succeed and achieve your dreams.

Question: What's next for you?

Travis Khan: I am continually auditioning for shows that are coming to Australia. I have recently started a new business, Khan Management, a male talent agency that includes fitness models, topless waiters, runway and editorial models, dancers and models for corporate events and promotional work, and will continue working with the Princes Of The Night team – the performance is looking to expand so exciting things are coming!

Interview by Brooke Hunter