With many of our elderly fortunate enough to live at home for much longer than previously possible, it can lead caregivers feeling worried and anxious for their wellbeing. Will they get to the shops and back without having a fall? Are they ok walking up the stairs? What happens if the nurse doesn't call in to check on them and they wander off? These are all concerns that any relative has about an elderly loved one.

What it there was a way of you always knowing where they are and also a way of them being able to notify you when they are in trouble? Trackimo can do just that.

Trackimo is a unique, compact, lightweight device that can track almost anything including people, backpacks, cars, bikes, boats, pets, luggage and so much more. It uses state-of-the-art GPS and cellular technology to coordinate with GPS satellites for precise tracking anywhere on the globe.

The device has an SOS panic button that will send an instant SMS with the location of the device to the registered accounts; a perfect feature for an elderly relative who often loses their way whilst out and about. It also has the ability to set speed and distance limits and will notify you via your specified method when either of these are broken.

In a similar way, this can assist in monitoring the welfare of people with disabilities and will put loved ones mind to rest, knowing they can be aware of their whereabouts 24/7.