Too Peas In A Podcast LIVE

Too Peas In A Podcast LIVE

Yarraville Laughs is absolutely stoked to announce the live debut of two of the funniest mums on the planet. On Saturday, March 28, Mandy and Kate, the hosts of the break out podcast 'Too Peas in a Podcast' will bring their hilarious banter to the Yarraville Club stage before a live audience.

When Mandy and Kate - each of them parents of special-needs children - decided to create a podcast for their own respective emotional outlet and for a handful of likeminded friends, little did they know that their honest, down-to-earth take on life's trials and tribulations would earn them an international following as well a many fans around Australia.

Listeners are taken on an emotional rollercoaster of tears one minute, laughter the next (and often at the same time), as the two chat about parenting twins with disabilities and additional needs. While indeed, the topics they delve are not necessarily laughing matters, Mandy and Kate's natural ability to cut through the crap and let the audience see the funny side of their emotional ups and downs is contagious.

And for the grammar geeks amongst us, it's well worth a listen to hear their explanation of the almost unforgivable spelling in the title, Too Peas in a Podcast.

This is a rare opportunity to be part of one of the recording of one of this country's true podcast sensations, so come and see them live, find out what is so a-pea-ling!

Too Peas In A Podcast
Saturday, March 28
The Yarraville Club, 135 Stephen St Yarraville.
18+ Event
Ph: 03 9689 6033
Doors open: 6pm (dining); 8pm (show only)
Show time: 8.30pm