Think and Grow Rich Workshops

Think and Grow Rich Workshops

For the first time in Australia, Think & Grow Rich Institute – in association with the Napoleon Hill Foundation – is presenting interactive workshops to teach the Think and Grow Rich philosophy.

Workshops are designed to give each participant the most in-depth, comprehensive understanding of each of the core principles outlined in the Think and Grow Rich philosophy.

The program is offered in a series of 3 days, each level focused on specific concepts and outcomes that together deliver the complete Think and Grow Rich philosophy.

Dates and Locations:
13th-15th March Sydney
18th-20th March Melbourne
22nd-24th March Brisbane

In day 1, participants receive an introduction to some of the key principles of the philosophy, including a focus on how negative thoughts and past experiences can impact your self-confidence and self-image. The workshop will review the techniques and strategies to overcome obstacles to stop hindering your own success, and touch on the some of the positive habits that can lead to a life of increased earnings and wealth.

This phase of learning Think and Grow Rich will not just change what you think, but it will literally change the way you think. You will break away from the thoughts of poverty, misery, failure and defeat. It is a new starting point of living life on your own terms.

In day 2, we will explore how qualities such as enthusiasm and imagination can open the door to success. Discussions will include the qualities of great leaders and how to use your personality to bring the right forces into your life.

These sessions will teach you to stretch the limits of your ability to believe in yourself. You will begin to understand that you are very close to becoming master of your fate and captain of your soul.

In day 3, you will be guided to greater fulfillment in every aspect of your life – Financial, Personal, Spiritual, Mental, and Emotional. You will learn to create a vision and develop a Master Plan that will lead you to peace of mind, health, and financial security. Also, you will learn the practical steps you must take in order to act in accordance with your beliefs.

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