The Wishmas Tree

The Wishmas Tree

The first trailer for the much-anticipated all new Australian children's animated film The Wishmas Tree has released, giving audiences a sneak peek into the wonderful world of The Tales of Sanctuary City franchise. Featuring a stellar voice cast including award-winning Australian actress Miranda Tapsell (Top End Wedding, Sapphires, Love Child), international comedian Ross Noble (Freewheeling, Mindblender) and Brisbane's Kate Murphy (Space Chickens in Space, Shopkins Wild), The Wishmas Tree is a fun, original Aussie-mation that is set to become a family household name.

In The Wishmas Tree, a young possum's misguided wish for a white Wishmas not only freezes her entire hometown of Sanctuary City, but also threatens the lives of all who live there. Before the magical Wishmas Tree dies, she must undertake a perilous journey into The Wild; battling self-doubt, ghostly predators and ultimately, Extinction itself, to reverse the damage she has caused and save her city!

The Wishmas Tree is produced by Brisbane animation studio Like A Photon Creative which has three movies in production under The Tales of Sanctuary City franchise - The Wishmas Tree, Combat Wombat and Daisy Quokka. "We wanted to create a living, breathing, natural paradise that emulates values of Australia with a bit of imagination; it's the city we hope today's children will build in the future," said Like A Photon Creative Co-CEO, Production, Kristen Souvlis. "The Wishmas Tree is just the start of some daring, courageous and inspirational characters and stories we hope will delight and inspire our young audiences."

The Wishmas Tree releases in cinemas 27 February, 2020.