The Salt Box Sports and Relaxation Bath Gift Salts

The Salt Box Sports and Relaxation Bath Gift Salts

Pass the Salt - the key ingredient for a peaceful (and yummy) yuletide!

From those who love to cook to those who love to soak - salt is the perfect gift to give this Christmas.

Australian-owned, The Salt Box has the country's largest range of 100% naturally sourced salt. All food salts are made from natural sea salt while the bath salts are sustainably sourced from authentic locations around the world.

"Not all salt is created equal," says The Salt Box founder, Rowena Frith. "Many brands of epsom salt on the market are artificially manufactured in factories while some bath salts are cleaned using non-natural methods," says Frith.

Frith says that if there's an ingredient on your bath salts ingredients list that is particularly long and complicated, there's a good chance that it's a synthetic ingredient and not something you want to put your body in.

"We don't use any nasty artificial ingredients at The Salt Box. Our products are free from anti-caking, free flowing additives, conditioners, allergens or genetically modified organisms and our bath salts are only scented with Essential Oils." "We are obsessed with supplying our customers with the best natural products available," she added.

For the Foodie
The Salt Box contains a wide variety of food salts; global (eg. Hawaiian Red) , flavoured (eg Vintage Merlot) , black (eg. Hawaiian Lava), smoked (eg. Hickory) and hot and spicy (eg. Sriracha). Sprinkled during or after cooking, there are endless ways to transform a recipe with these gourmet salts.

For those who enjoy a good BBQ, cooking directly on a Himalayan salt block produces a salty, caramelised flavour that infuses with the food.

For vegetarians and vegans, the Kala Namak Indian Black food salt adds a umami flavour to plant-based diets.

Recommended gifts:
Vintage Merlot Salt - from $16.95
Hawaiian Black Lava - from $16.95
Indian Black Salt Kala Namak Fine - from $16.95
Pink Himalayan Salt Block - from $39.99

For the Soaker
The Salt Box's bath salts make the perfect gift for anyone in need of pampering this Christmas. From the 'Skin Nutrition Soak' with its activated charcoal black salt and lavender and geranium essential oils to the ' Relaxation Bath Soak' with it's pink Himalayan salt to detoxify and calming lavender and citrus essential oils, these bath salts are perfect for relaxing after work or taking 'me' time out of your day.

Recommended gifts: Relaxation Bath Soak 1kg - $26.99
Skin Nutrition Soak Bath Salts 1kg - $26.99

For the Active One
Athletes commonly use magnesium supplements to help with their recovery. Saltbox's magnesium range contains salts, oils and gels. It can improve recovery from tired and sore muscles; relief of restless leg syndrome and cramps; and improve sleep, mood and energy levels.

Recommended gifts:
Zechstein Magnesium Chloride Flakes 1kg - $22.95
Zechstein Magnesium Oil Spray 125ml - $19.99
Sports Soak Magnesium Muscle Recovery 1kg - $26.99

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