P'URE Papaya Skincare

P'URE Papaya Skincare

With many consumers opting for more natural skincare brands there is one brand coming out on top that even has celebrity approval! P'URE Papaya Skincare is a unique Australian skincare range that is vegan friendly and loved by celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow. P'URE, which recently joined the G&M Cosmetics family, is a 100% Natural Certified range made using a high concentration of Australian organic fermented papaya (also known as paw paw) as a hero ingredient, and is completely free from petrochemicals, artificial preservatives and artificial fragrances commonly found in other papaya products.

Why Papaya?
• Papaya has been a traditional skin remedy for over a century providing natural wound healing and soothing properties.
• Nutrient rich superfood abundant in Vitamin A, C, E, minerals, antioxidants like beta-carotene and unique enzymes (including Papain).
• Enzymes gently exfoliate dead skin cells and help stimulate healthy skin renewal, restoring and rejuvenating dry, damaged skin.
• Papaya's nutrients accumulate in all layers of the skin providing a natural glow.
• May help reduce redness and uneven skin tone.
• The Papaya in P'URE is organic Papaya grown in Australia and fermented to optimise nutrients.

The P'URE Papaya Care name speaks for itself – a unique range has been developed using a combination of powerfully nourishing and pure ingredients including Papaya, Calendula Flower, Shea Butter, Macadamia and Jojoba Oils to promote natural skin restoration and protection.

P'URE Papaya skincare range includes P'URE Papaya Lips, P'URE Papaya Skin Food, P'URE Papaya Renew, P'URE Papaya Glow, P'URE Papaya Ointment and P'URE Papaya Vapour Balm.

P'URE Papaya Lips
P'URE Lips is a unique, 100% natural and vegan friendly lip balm made specifically for dry, cracked lips. The skin on our lips is thinner than the skin on our bodies, so our lips need more nourishment and protection. Enriched with ultra-nourishing ingredients including organic fermented papaya, Candelilla Wax, Calendula flower and Shea butter, P'URE Papaya Lips effectively moisturises, restores and protects lips. RRP $6.99

P'URE Papaya Skin Food
P'URE Papaya Skin Food is a multi-use skincare product that can assists with calming and revitalising damaged and sensitive skin and lips. Keeping your skin soft, moist and healthy is the key. P'URE Papaya Skin Food, penetrates into the skin to intensely moisturise, soothe and calm the skin providing long-lasting relief. It can be used on lips, heels, elbows, cuticles, nipples, chaffing, brows and for after-sun care. RRP $9.99

P'URE Papaya Renew
Between 50% and 90% of pregnant women develop stretch marks during or after birth . Papaya Renew is a light, non-greasy & fast absorbing cream that may help reduce the appearance of scars & stretch marks. Renew contains Gotu kola that, according to a Cochrane review (Internationally recognised evidence based study), has been shown to significantly reduce the incidence of developing stretch marks and promote healthy collagen formation. Renew is certified natural and suitable for sensitive skin. This calming cream may help reduce the signs of tight, red and dry skin, and can also be used to moisturise the face and body. RRP $20.99

P'URE Papaya Glow
Papaya Glow is a nutrient rich formula made using only naturally derived plant oils. Papaya Glow will revitalise and nourish your skin with a unique combination of Papaya & Jojoba Oils. Derived from the seeds of the papaya fruit, Papaya Oil is rich in enzymes, vitamins (A, B & C) and Omega fatty acids. It gently exfoliates and stimulates skin regeneration to help brighten complexion, restore and rejuvenate your skin. Jojoba Oil is a nourishing, deep penetrating and gentle oil bursting with vitamins and nutrients to hydrate all skin types. This oil is well absorbed, does not clog pores and is suitable for sensitive skin. RRP $24.99

P'URE Papaya Ointment Multi-use
PURE Papaya Ointment is an ultra-rich nourishing vegetarian formulation that your skin will love. This ointment is enriched with Beeswax rich in Vitamin A, which promotes cell regeneration and improves hydration. P'URE Papaya Ointment is a superior natural solution for sensitive & dry skin, many common mother & baby skin concerns and post laser therapy treatment. RRP $34.99

P'URE Papaya Vapour Balm
P'URE Vapour Balm is an all-natural gentle formula to soothe and clear the body and airways. Breathe easy with this natural and warming blend of traditional Australian Essential Oils & Herbs including Organic Papaya, Eucalyptus, Rosalina and Lemon Myrtle. Vapour Balm is also great for use during air travel and can be used as a chest rub. RRP $14.99

The range is available at selected pharmacies and online. RRP starts at $6.99.
For more information, visit purepapayacare.com