The Queen Dies age 96

The Queen Dies age 96

The world morns as beloved Queen Elizabeth II dies at age 96 at Balmoral. 


Much loved, 'The Queen' Elizabeth II will be missed by the masses, including a large majority of Australians.  The Queen represented a era that was regal, dignified and steadfast in duty.  For more of an insight into 'The Queen' Elizabeth II, I invite you to watch series The Crown as it follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the death of her father through the early years of ruling.  An insightful series into royalty and the duties & life they must uphold.


Many may think she lived a charmed life, but the pressures and duties Queen Elizabeth II has endured span from war, depression, women's rights, English Government, birth of TV and technology advancements, more wars, terrorism and lastly covid. Queen Elizabeth II is the longest running Queen in history and undoubtably the most loved in history. She will be sorely missed, and leaves an incredible legacy of achievements.


Big shoes to fill, Prince Charles has been announced King Charles III, so what does that mean for us in Australia?  Does this open the path to treaty with First Nations and Australia becoming a Republic?  A referendum maybe on the cards in the not too distant future.


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